Watch the Matildas wipe AFL and Rugby out of the sporting pages and (lack) marriage equality.

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                          Sam Kerr doing the backflip

Move over boys, the women are coming! Nothing has been more exciting than watching women take over the back-page sporting pages away from the men, and not before time. The on-field backflips of Sam Kerr are sweeping the world.

I am normally not interested much in sport and find it a great pity that one is forced to endure sport before the  weather forecast. I often forego the weather report in order to miss a particularly ear-grating sport commentator. The horror of discovering, after our arrival in 1956, that a sport was being played in Australia with a ball that wasn’t round has never really left.

The Australian all girl soccer team of the Matildas is now winning over the admiration of many if not all. The reluctance of allowing women sport to be equal to that of men isn’t yet totally won over, but it is happening. They still play in lesser stadiums and earning lesser pay but the enthusiasm of the crowds are rising rapidly. The Matildas thrice win against Brazil was the clincher. A full proof sign that it is gaining momentum is the fact that our grandsons and their mates are now watching the women soccer games being played on TV.

The spectacular backflips of the main striker Sam Kerr after scoring her goals, are shown world-wide and grabbing attention that could not be improved upon no matter how well the advertising of sponsors.

It’s almost pushing the Same Sex Marriage debate off the news.

Last week on Q&A ( question and answer)  the Israeli politician Merav Michaeli was on the panel who  was sceptical of all marriages and concerned about the effects of break-up marriages on children, the equal rights of property division etc.

“Israeli parliament Merav Michaeli, whose reaction to Seselja’s meandering celebration of heterosexual marriage alongside his scaremongering over the school curriculum was best captured by guest host Virginia Trioli.Trioli to Michaeli: “You didn’t let Zed Seselja get through that answer without lowering your eyes. You have a jaundiced view of this institution?”

Jaundiced isn’t the half of it: “It was created back at the time when we women were commodities, as were children, as were men without property and of other colours. This is not something that we should maintain in the world when we realise all of us are human beings. It is not about love. 

“I realise the campaign says that love is equal. Love is definitely equal. It’s got nothing to do with this institution. This was a tool that was made to dominate women for the sake of reproduction. For men to have legal custody over children which are to the largest I would say chance of certainty their own flesh and blood. This is not something we should sustain.”

The best answer for the ‘yes’ vote was giving by a member of the audience who stated that a ‘no’ vote meant that the marriage between heterosexual people was the only moral right way, and that the ‘yes’ vote was  wrong denying the rights of marriage between people born with different orientations, implying that being different was inherently wrong and of a lesser value.

Of course, no one is obliged to marry, no matter how equal it hopefully might become.

My ‘yes’ vote is in the post.


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25 Responses to “Watch the Matildas wipe AFL and Rugby out of the sporting pages and (lack) marriage equality.”

  1. leggypeggy Says:

    The Matildas are fantastic and our ‘yes’ votes are in the mail too.

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  2. Therese Trouserzoff Says:

    Yes, our Yes votes are in the mail too. I’m betting that the libnat arseholes will trot out some dodge even if the “Yes” vote wins … like “we never promised we’d make it law – one way or the other.” Or, “Only if there’s a 75% majority in all states” – which is never going to happen – remember Queenslanders used to vote for Joh and Campbell Newman.

    I love the Matildas too – but I suspect that most Aussies would love a team of trained galahs – if they were winning. Remember when the Wallabies under John Eales were on top of the world – including the All Blacks ? I still have a jersey. But the game seems to have died because there’s no leadership and woofly talent that comes and goes.

    I hope the Matildas retain their magic and the public’s attention for a really long time – unlike the men and especially women hockey players who are so often on top but such unsung heroes.

    I reckon the Australian women cricketers are in for a similar taste of fame too.

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Yes, but the refusal to follow-up with passing the law on equal marriage would be the death knell for the natlibs and the fence around Parliament would be scaled by millions.

      Yes, women’s rugby and hockey is also riding high and riding high or piggy backing on women’s might and strengths are what I really look forward to and like, Therese sanstrousers.


  3. Yvonne Says:

    My yes vote was in the mail 5 minutes after I received the paper work.

    Do you reckon Tony staged that head butt, to gain more publicity!

    Man, some of the hetero relationships are so terrible, what does that do to any children born into that sort of environment!?

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    • DisandDat Says:

      Same here Yvonne, ran to post box. I doubt if headbutt was staged and fear his opinion didn’t budge. Yes I don’t hear of gays belting, drowning or putting children in suit cases. What’s the failure rate of “normal” marriages I wonder. I believe It was about four out of seven. Mine of 48 years must be a……….miracle !!

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      • gerard oosterman Says:

        Mine is nothing but a rarity too, disandDat. We sometimes applaud each other in our pyjamas.

        We have so far refrained from head-butting each other but there is still time.

        A fine curry helps a lot at times, and is preferred to meat pies or Lamingtons in this family.


      • DisandDat Says:

        Just received a text directing me to vote yes which I have already done. Don’t know how or where they got my number from. I think the yes campaigne should refrain from that sort of “marketing” ? The same goes for any form of violence or intimidation. Let’s hope the yes vote wins. Why the months of delay which will just increase anguish and intimidation. Makes me wonder why the the system of voting on the one day like at Election time wasn’t chosen.


    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Yes, Yvonne. There is almost nothing quite as dangerous than being in a hetero relationship. I am surprised it hasn’t been banned or at least given a restrictive type of license with strict conditions attached. Those charged with DV are now given ankle braces with GPS embedded.
      That is at least something.

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  4. urbanliaisons Says:

    Now after 33 years I think the time could be allright for marrying, but love does not essentially need this institution in general. However, if so everybody should be able to marry, a lot of countries already allow it for gays and lesbians even in Catholic Irland! This is a very good development.

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Love and institutions can be lethal. We have survived it for many decades but we stay away from institutions and never watch parliament, cricket or rugby.

      What do divorced couples do about the marriage videos?

      Neighbours opposite us who had just bought the property found the previous owner’s wedding video hidden on the highest shelf in the house. A bit of pathos there.

      It is all so fickle, isn’t it?

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  5. Big M Says:

    The Matildas were flogged by the Newcastle Jets, under 15 boys, only about a month ago here in Newcastle. Yet there’s a great hoopla about them beating Brazil’s Ladies Team. Perhaps there should be real,equality and have genderless teams?

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    • Big M Says:

      As for marriage equality, many of my heterosexual and homosexual friends, as well as us, have sought to spend their lives with someone they love. There’s no thin edge of the wedge, no paedos marrying children, or, worse, carpenters marrying woodwork, or plumbers marrying pipe, or polygamists marrying three wives ( you’ll have to go to Utah for that).

      Yes, and yes again.

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      • gerard oosterman Says:

        Or writers marrying the computer-mouse. If the yes vote gets approved and legislated I wonder if there will be flurry of weddings.

        The ‘no’ voters are already spoiling the fun by saying that cake makers might have grounds for refusing to bake the cake in case of a ‘yes’ vote on religious freedom grounds.

        Such sour pusses.

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      • Big M Says:

        I can only imagine that SSM will be an economic boom for florists, bakers, event managers, celebrants, and so on. Those gays are cashed up and flamboyant!


    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Yes, Big M. To be truly genderless would be awesome in any sport. I think indoor bowling is getting close. I have joined that group, but doing a backflip at this stage of my life could have dire consequences.

      I fear just bending down picking up the bowl could be risky, especially after a dodgy garlic prawn lunch.
      People could well say; ‘don’t come the raw prawn with me, matey.’

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  6. Robert Parker Says:

    I’m not Australian, but wanted to comment because my parents were raised in different religions, wanted a joint religious ceremony, and had some difficulties getting “religious authorities” to cooperate. My paternal grandfather, deeply conservative on some issues, and an elder in his church, was 100% behind same-sex marriage, because he believed true conservatives mind their own business whenever possible, and that applied to marriage.
    That’s very funny when you talk of the horror encountering a non-round ball!! 🙂

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      My parents were religious too and had high hopes one of us would have become ‘a man of the cloth’.
      As soon I discovered the delight’s of Eve’s apple I gave that notion away.
      Not only an oval ball, Robert, but running while holding the ball, how un-sportsmanlike is that?

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  7. Curt Mekemson Says:


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  8. doesitevenmatter3 Says:

    YES!!! for yes votes!!! 🙂

    As for the girl’s sports teams…You go, Girls!!! 🙂 (I played sports when I was younger and I love seeing all the professional women’s teams now-a-days!)

    HUGS!!! 🙂


  9. kaytisweetlandrasmussen83 Says:

    As you say, long overdue. Bravo.


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