Is this the new Tosca or Weiner’s wiener?

tosca1Is this the new Tosca?
The romantic tragedy and passion of Puccini’s Tosca is palpable. She, who sacrificed herself to the man she hated in order to save the man she loved. Could it be any more beautiful and yet also be so tragic? In fact when it comes to love, perhaps they are the same. The tearstained upturned faces of so many, more likely from women than men, feature thickly in operas, paintings and leather-bound books that litter our history like so many autumnal leaves in Finnish Forests or so many tears having seeped down into the deepest oceans. Tosca was no ordinary woman. She made grown men weep.

One wonders if the beauty and tragedy of unrequited love has waned and if so, can we blame sexting? Of late this new form of romance has taken a strange twist. A potential mayor of New York has confessed of having sent many pictures of him-self to suitors of the opposite sex. Leaving behind the morals of his conjugal state and our urge to judge others let’s just stick to the subject of modern romance. Is sexting a new form of seeking romance and is it a kind of natural progression from the days of Puccini or Tolstoy? After all no one goes around sticking knives into people whilst singing in Italian like they used to. While unbridled womanizing still has free rein as proven by Mr Weiner in New York, none still happens to involve carriages with galloping horses over Russian tundra.

The one thing still shared between those former strategies of romance and the present is the age old matter of ‘vengeance’, always vengeance. No tale of romance could exist without retribution ‘vengeance is mine’ could be written on many a tombstone resting under the countless Elm trees of history. It descends on the hapless victims like the sword of Damocles with no escape.

Poor Mr Strauss- Kahn, a future president now being described as nothing more than ‘a rutting chimpanzee’ only knows too well the vengeance of unforgiving amoureuses still circling the carcasses of his previous stature. Even so, he is hesitantly and ever so slowly recovering and was seen last week at the Cannes festival with a new love tugging at his arms. Those DNA spots on the hotel carpet receding and the maid happy with a settlement.

However, the New York future mayoral attempts at romance through texting explicit photos of him-self seem to have brought is to a completely new level. The past always involved the complete features of the persons. This was the way people made up their minds about any possible entanglement and involvement. The visual prospect was one of many that people consciously or otherwise helped to make up decisions, often foolishly so, but, what the heck, that’s love for you. However, just to see pictures of genitalia seems to have done away with that form of initial introduction.

I fail to see what criteria one could possibly surmise from such limited pictorial imagery. Is the photo of Mr Anthony Weiner’s penis sent to one of his suitors an indication of his determination in achieving an outcome for the rubbish collection from the Streets of NY or a push in lowering parking fees? I don’t see that but then again I don’t have photo of his penis either. Women also send intimate pictures of themselves to future lovers and again, I fail to see how one can possibly scan anything out of looking at their private parts. What can you possibly scrounge from a vaginal photo? Can she reverse park or is she good at making gravy? The mind boggles.

A politician’s worst nightmare came out in Canada when a Twitter account showed up a politician’s penis. A spokesperson defended this by saying his BlackBerry went off in his pocket and later on confused the issue even further by saying that it was somebody else’s penis. He was a candidate for parliament and lost by over 500 votes. People are unforgiving and remember ‘vengeance’ is still around.

We have yet to see if Mr Weiner will survive his weiner.

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18 Responses to “Is this the new Tosca or Weiner’s wiener?”

  1. Office Diva Says:

    My brief dip into the arena of political commentary is thus: New York Mayoral Candidate Weiner should pull out of the race. Hastily, before another generation of degenerate politicians is birthed.
    Today’s world is nothing like opera. Shoving a knife into one’s gut involves strength, intent and proximity, which the advent of the gun has removed from the equation. Less dramatic, too.
    People no longer appreciate good music; chart topping idols write lyrics that praise gangsters, racial division, cop killing, and hatred. Where has the beauty and love in art gone, pray tell?
    Very thought-provoking post. Enjoyed it immensely.
    Happy Sunday to you, Sir.


  2. Rosie Says:

    Enjoyed this very much. Good luck with your eye operation on Tuesday. I really think it is about time for another photo of Milo, please?


  3. auntyuta Says:

    Wishing you good luck with your eye operation too!


  4. Andrew Says:

    “Can she reverse park or is she good at making gravy?”

    Do you think perhaps these should be incorporated into the wedding vows, Gerard? I will love, honour, cherish and obey you, parallel park properly and make a stonking good gravy”?

    I wish you good fortune with the eye operation. Lets hope you and the surgeon see eye to eye.


  5. Lottie Nevin Says:

    I think if a man sent me a picture of his penis I would roll about on the floor laughing. I’m not sure that is the desired effect?

    Good luck with the op Gerard and look forward to reading more of your hilarious stories soon 😀


  6. kaytisweetlandrasmussen83 Says:

    May luck and a good surgeon come with your eye operation next week Gerard. I just read in the morning paper that Weiner’s non de plume was “Carlos Danger”. That should have warned anybody off if nothng else did. Great story once again.


  7. kaytisweetlandrasmussen83 Says:

    Ha ha ! Granny. Il’l beware.


  8. petspeopleandlife Says:

    Gerard I’m hoping and praying that your eye surgery produces the results that are expected. I am sending good karma your way.

    As for the politician that you have written about he needs to keep his water hose contained. In addition I good head examination would likely fiind some loose screws which definitely should be tightened.


  9. Patti Kuche Says:

    Carlos Danger is still riding the trail, refusing to pull out while disgraced former Gov Spitzer who is campaigning for Comptroller is now staying tight lipped on rumours of a current extra-marital affair while refusing to confirm or deny rumours of marital separation. Strangely enough, until the latest Sext in the City details became public, Weiner was leading in the polls!!!

    Best wishes to you for your procedure and thank you for the reminder of the true pleasures of opera!


  10. gerard oosterman Says:

    Thank you Patti. I am still tottering about but shall post my experience soon. Keep watching!


  11. ThePoliticalVagina Says:

    Best laugh I’ve had all day – you never fail to amuse Gerard! Quite an astute observation methinks 🙂


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