Guns before butter?

The latest news has us believe we are under imminent threat of being occupied by China. But, no worries. Australia at the behest of our mates the US is going to spend 380 billion on underwater boats which is supposed to check China in its track. For some time now we have been fed anti-China porridge with plenty of golden syrup. Some time back it was France that was going to supply us with those nuclear submarines, but that idea was scuttled when our previous PM, Scott Morrison leaked a text by the French President Macron much to the annoyance of the French. As has been pointed out before, much needed funds for aged care or public education seems to have been pushed back into the never never.

Some people far better with words than I have written some compelling arguments that should warn us not to follow ad nausea the US in its war mongering habits. Looking at their disastrous wars in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan resulting in millions of refugees, one would have thought it prudent to avoid following the US in agitating for another war with China.

You might like to read up on some facts instead of being swept up by propaganda.

Red Alert: news media ‘Sleep-Walking’ into US war propaganda

I quote some of those words from the above link by John Menadue.

A Labor government has puts guns before butter… how extraordinary! Today, Pearls and Irritations has taken the unusual step of devoting our issue line up entirely to articles on the drive to war with China and the disastrous commitment of $368 billion dollars of Australia’s public funding to nuclear submarines.

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese announced an extraordinary commitment of $368 billion dollars to purchase nuclear submarines designed for an aggressive war against China under the AUKUS arrangement. The submarines are not designed to defend Australia. They are designed to cooperate with the Americans off the China coast.

In return, Australia will receive submarines on the ‘never never’, some old hand me downs from Uncle Joe.

This follows an unprecedented propaganda drive in Australia’s major media outlets over the past year by American and Austral-American lobbyists to manipulate public opinion. The intent has been to manufacture fear and soften the public up for a commitment of taxpayer funding for massive weapons purchases from US arms industries, followed by an Australian participation in a US led war with China.

This fear of China has been manufactured in Washington to protect its hegemony. The US is not militarily threatened in any shape or form by China, and neither are we. But the US keeps goading China at every opportunity in the hope of China responding.

The US has a record of almost always being at war. It has overthrown countless governments and interfered in numerous countries. It wants us to join it again in yet another disastrous war.

Not since the invasion of Iraq in 2003, the 20th anniversary of which will occur on the 20th of March 2023, has a US led disinformation campaign been so blatant, so openly misleading, and so successful as we now see.”

I mean, our aged care and hospitals are at breaking point. Schools and education are lagging behind on world standards. People are sleeping in cars and derelict houses.

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12 Responses to “Guns before butter?”

  1. leggypeggy Says:

    Paul Keating has just lambasted the purchase of those submarines.

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Yes, I watched it, Peggy.
      Hopefully there will be a groundswell of protests against this reckless spending and goading China.

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    • auntyuta Says:

      What Keating said on The Press Club today, shows, that this man is extremely well informed. And he is very good at quoting relevant facts, to show where the public is being misinformed.

      If you want to know, what Keating has said, go to the ABC’s Press Club Address of today! 🙂

      Thank you, Gerard, for writing this blog and doing so much research on what is going on in Australia right now!

      For sure, the voters must wake up now and see, that they are being duped. I tend to believe, that it is not possible that the majority of voters believe, that to do everything that the Americans want us to do, is the right thing for our well being.

      Gerard, you have shown in your article, that the Americans went into more and more wars. I say, enough is enough. We do not want or need any wars. I am certainly not scared, that the Chinese want to invade us. I refuse, to let myself be scared like this.

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      • gerard oosterman Says:

        Yes Uta. And think what that 380 billion could do to improve instead of damage. I have yet to hear of nuclear submarines increasing aged care facilities or a better more generous aged pension, housing for our indigenous.
        I can’t believe this is all done without our consultation.

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  2. shoreacres Says:

    And let’s be honest about this: everything the American government wants us Americans to do is the right thing!

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    • shoreacres Says:

      Oh, my. That’ll teach me to try using an ipad on my lap. That should be NOT everything the American government wants us Americans to do is the right thing.

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      • gerard oosterman Says:

        This made me laugh. It is so easily done, and I noticed you corrected as soon as you pushed the send button on your first post.

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      • auntyuta Says:

        The politicians seem to think that the surest way to get elected is to scare the voters.The greatest scare always is, that any changes would result in financial loss!

        So, nobody in the Labor Party dares to tell the voters that they should go for changes!

        Is anything going to change because what Mr. Keating tells us? I doubt it.

        Yes, maybe there are going to be more protests because of government policies. However, come what may, unless protests are coming from a majority of the population, Australian politics will remain the same, namely that we stay 100% with AUKUS . . . .

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      • auntyuta Says:

        Don’t governments always feel they do the right thing? When do voters actually feel, what their government wants them to do is not right?

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  3. Dora Says:

    Who would have thought?
    This hasn’t come out of the blue.
    Labor leaders would have been aware at election time.


  4. Curt Mekemson Says:

    “I mean, our aged care and hospitals are at breaking point. Schools and education are lagging behind on world standards. People are sleeping in cars and derelict houses.” The story the world over. Gerard. There is always money for guns, rarely money for education, health care, etc. and they all become rapidly unaffordable when private business and profit take over.


  5. rangewriter Says:

    I wonder if humanity will succumb to it’s own destructive belligerence before it succumbs to climate change. Seems like a bit of a dead heat. oops. No pun intended.


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