Scandinavia and the Sami people.

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“How might an Indigenous voice to Parliament work? Here’s some ideas from Nordic nations.”
      By Joey Watson and Annabelle Quince for Rear Vision
The Sametinget sits


the right to decide

The aim of the Sami Parliament is to strengthen the political position of the Sami people, paving the way for them to develop their language, culture and society.

The plenary, the highest body in the Sami Parliament, has 39 representatives elected by direct vote from seven constituencies across Norway.

The representatives from the largest Sami party form a governing council and select a president.

Finland and Sweden

While the Norwegian Sami Parliament is the most prominent in Scandinavia, it was not the first.

The Sami political movement was born in Finland after World War Two.



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10 Responses to “Scandinavia and the Sami people.”

  1. freefall852 Says:

    Sometimes the deliberate stalling of sensible legislation only makes the inevitability a certainty.

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  2. freefall852 Says:

    There were Sami people featured in that Scandi noir SBS series..: “Midnight Sun”…It was the first I had heard of the Sami people.

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  3. petspeopleandlife Says:

    A very interesting culture- the Sami people. It is charming and a harsh way of life. I wish the native Indians of the USA had a voice. They remain all but unrecognized and down trodden. An American disgrace. I see that in so many countries where the natives are over powered and their land and freedom and way of life taken from them.

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Australia is steeped in not changing things for the better and as an excuse keep forever saying that constitutional changes are almost impossible to get through. So, nothing changes much. No republic, and no self determination for the original Australians of this vast continent.

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  4. doesitevenmatter3 Says:

    Thank you for sharing the Sami people with us. From the photo they look like hardworking, hearty, intelligent people. I will click on the links and learn more.
    I have relatives (by marriage) that are from Denmark and Norway.
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Yes Carolyn,

      The Sami of Scandinavia have some things in common with the Australian aboriginal. They are also a nomadic people who travelled vast distances. Also having to endure severe climatic conditions. Their cultures are also unique with a variety of languages dating back a long time.

      We in Australia celebrate the ‘discovery of Australia’ by captain Cook. This is silly. Australia has been populated by Australians for at least 50 000 years.

      All captain Cook and following shiploads of colonial crooks did was to try and annihilate the original inhabitants of Australia.

      That part of our history is kept rather quiet. I wonder, why?

      Glad to hear you have relatives from Denmark and Norway. It somehow gladdens the heart.

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  5. Forestwood Says:

    I missed this post when first published, Gerard! But I am so glad I saw it now. The Sami and Inuit, more genrally, are often ignored by the world at large, and having some small portion of Sami DNA myself, I rally to their plight. What skills they developed, as did the Australian Aborigines, to exist in such a harsh, unforgiving environment. They are survivors, in the face of nature’s massive forces, yet struggle to keep their culture and traditional ways, in modern civilisations.


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