The Allure of the Trade-in.



Things have been a bit quiet for which I’ll try and give a good reason. Partly for taking a blogging break, and partly in getting rid of the two-car family with just me being the only driver. The history of owning two cars is tedious but let me briefly give the history.

Our daughter’s car was stolen so we lend her ours. ( Peugeot diesel)  In the meantime we bought a 2006 car advertised on the side of the road which had a ‘for sale’ stuck on the inside of the window. After some negotiating we bought it. (  BMW) The daughter’s stolen car was promptly recovered and my daughter gave us back the Peugeot. However, when the daughter’s car ran out of the registration she found out, to her and our horror, that the rego had been transferred in the thief’s name who was pending lengthy Court action for theft, fraud and other matters. She could not transfer ownership of the car back in her name till Court action was resolved.

So, the Peugeot once more went back to our daughter and we again drove the BMW.  In between all that we had cyclamen plants stolen and got involved with a neighbour dispute.  Some readers might well remember about this saga! When the daughter’s rego had finally been resolved, taking nine months, we ended up driving the two cars again.  We thought it prudent to let the thieving neighbours know that we could afford two cars, and alas somewhat spitefully, exploit the (erroneous) image of well-to-do pensioners, easily capable of taking Court action to satisfy and get justice over the bullying tactics of some neighbours urging us to sell up and ‘go.’

So, back to our two-car issue. We happened to drive past a sales yard from whom we had previously bought the Peugeot, and decided to trade in both cars for a 2016 Peugeot model Hatchback Sports Allure with just 10000 km on the clock. It has all those things that now seem to have infiltrated the modern car, including retractable side mirrors for which its significance totally escapes me. It has LED lights, heated seats, tyre pressure gage and…wait…touch screen technology! One never needs to be bored driving ever again.

With all the bargaining with the car salesman, and driving backwards and forwards time seemed to go so quickly. On top of all that our local Aldi store locked up for renovations. It added to all the frantic driving to another one some distance away. You know my fondness for Aldi stores and the conviviality it so often affords to the observant shopper. They are a special breed of shoppers, often very jolly and outgoing. I suppose the saving of hard earned money does make for banter.

We have also been totally amused if not gobsmacked by the antics of the US president. A good American friend told me that impeachment might not be the only solution and that involuntary commitment to an institution is now seriously looked at as well. Such chaos on home ground as well. Senators are now lining up with not having denounced foreign nationalities they weren’t even aware off. Even the deputy Prime Minister is now the holder of two nationalities.

Who thought life is dull?

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32 Responses to “The Allure of the Trade-in.”

  1. leggypeggy Says:

    My goodness, life has been exciting in your world. I guess mine too, if you count the antics of Drumpf and our Parliament. So are the neighbours behaving or did THEY move?

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Yes, Peggy. Life has been topsy turfy and without let-up.
      The neighbours are still here but all is reasonable and quiet on the Western Front.

      We were give a rather plausible explanation for their behaviour. which at first we thought it a bit far-sought. A good friend pointed out that we are the only couple amongst the instigators of the disunity, unrest and pilfering of our cyclamen.

      Those three neighbours (of seven in total) who have been so nasty and vindictive, are all single and somewhat bitter women, previously married but never since their (acrimonious) divorces. Never a partner in sight!

      The good friend went further, and said; ‘They are unhappy in their lonely singleness and your apparent conjugal happiness is a constant thorn in their solitary lives.’ She added; ‘the best thing you can do is to walk past their properties looking happy with loud boisterous laughter an added benefit or aid.

      Amazingly, another person offered the same insight. Helvi and I are now showing our outdoor happiness, even after having had an almighty blue.

      We hope our demonstrated happiness will not result in more pillaging and cyclamen stealing. They are flowering so beautifully now.
      What do you reckon, Peggy?


      Not for a moment do I think that being single is a necessary recipe for bitter loneliness. People in relationships can feel lonely too. It all depends.

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      • Says:

        We also have unhappy neighbours (somehow a bit curious) living in the appartment under ours. The couple – both baldheaded like monks – does not like that mx wife has changed our.balcony into a real jungle with hundreds or even thousands diverse blossoms while their terrace is more boring and puristisch. So pouring the plants has become an adventure because when a single drop of water is falling down on their terrace, they sometimes start blaming us for our rude ruthlessness … How crazy is this?

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      • gerard oosterman Says:

        Yes, medium to high density living does bring people closer together with both the good and the less good a possibility. We both like living amongst people and enjoy close proximity to neighbours. That then brings the issue of good neighbours into focus.

        We have both, and when relation sour, and if, after trying to repair friendly behaviour, it doesn’t happen, the best is to ignore and not feed animosity. Easier said then done!

        Your story of a single drop of water getting your neighbours in a frenzy is very typical. It somehow brings out primitive urges in protecting territory threatened by this drop of water.


      • Yvonne Says:

        Glad you added the disclaimer, I am a long time Merry Widow! 😆

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    • leggypeggy Says:

      We had a problem neighbour. After many years we managed to bring him around to being at least civil. Maybe it helps that we don’t have plants worth stealing. 🙂

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      • gerard oosterman Says:

        We ended up using strong industrial adhesive to glue the pots onto very heavy tiles, installed sensitive lights and a camera.

        Recently our winter flowering Jasmin was sabotaged whereby the bottom vines were ruthlessly snipped by an 84 year old ropeable divorcee wielding secateurs. She even cut through a steel wire onto which we tried to grow this Jasmin and hide an ugly fence.

        We were seething but try not to let it get us down.


      • leggypeggy Says:

        No liking that comment. Sorry about the jasmine. Bummer!


  2. Amal Says:

    Nice post.

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  3. petspeopleandlife Says:

    Dear, dear Gerard. You do live an exciting life but I bet you can’t beat mine. There is something going on every week and I do not joke. Mini dramas with my sis in the nursing home and sick pets that need to be seen by the vet, etc.

    Anyhow, I think your new car is the berries. So shiny and the red color will allow you to readily find your car since it should stand out in the parking lot unless you happen to be surrounded by taller vehicles such as big pickups. I seldom see a Peugeot here in Texas but the Fiat and Cooper are pretty popular.

    I drive two vehicles also but that is in case one decides it doesn’t want to run and I absolutely must have a vehicle since there is so much going on in my life. But now my son has my newer truck and I have his old truck which I can’t drive because the seat will not move forward so that I can better drive the Z71 “94” Chevy. But I love my “98” GMC V8 since is so sturdy and I keep it in good repair.

    I think you and Helvi have a somewhat deluded neighbor. I can’t imagine anyone being jealous of a happily married couple but then there are some odd ones out there.

    Speaking of Trump, people of other nations are not the only ones who are God smacked about his behavior. He is off in left field even though he is what I call a “right-winger.” And the sad part of it all is that most folks that voted for him are still his supporters, They are clearly delusional thinking that he hung the moon. There are many racists in our country and now he has given them the green light to act out as since they want whites only in the US. It is a sad time.

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  4. gerard oosterman Says:

    Glad your life is full of action too, Ivonne. You still drive a 98 GMC V8? What a woman! I hope your sister will get better. All the best with your pets. Milo is saying hello.

    We ignore our bad neighbours and mix instead with the good and friendly neighbours next and opposite us. We all keep a look out for single women vandals going around all gloved up and with secateurs to damage our winter Jasmin.

    In my very young years when I bought my first car I was so taken by it, I would just sit in it and touch all the buttons, stroke the gear stick and generally soak up the smell of the leather seats and stale tobacco.

    It was a 1950 Ford V8 single spinner.

    I took my very first date out in it to Woy Woy, which had suffered the devastation of a Willy Willy. ( aboriginal for a whirl-storm or tornado). She did not say much and I was so afraid she would see and smell the burning blue smoke coming out of my car’s exhaust going up the mountain.

    Perhaps my choice of seeing storm damaged Woy Woy wasn’t a good choice for a girl, but I had packed a nice thermos of hot coffee which I was hoping to share with her in a secluded spot somewhere in between Sydney and Woy Woy.

    However the silence between us was not encouraging. She kept saying ‘nice’ and more ‘nice.’ My guttural Dutch accent I tried to hide by over the top Australian vernacular. I don’t think she even noticed my efforts.

    You know, no sooner had I paid the last instalment of the V8 and I crashed it into another car because the brakes were faulty. Something to do with a Master cylinder.


  5. lifecameos Says:

    Is Australia trying to foist unwanted politicians on to NZ, and out of the way ?

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  6. Forestwoodfolk Says:

    The citizenship issue is a complete debacle and embarrassing for our country’s reputation! If immigrants can organize themselves to fill out forms correctly in the nineteenth century as my lot did, what is the problem today? After the Charlottesville incident, I tweeted to Trump’s twitter account that ‘racism is evil’ and the next day he states those same words. One wonders if his staff sources everything they and he say from Twitter! As for cars, my husband has just succumbed to the allure of another trade in too! A suzuki this time!

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  7. doesitevenmatter3 Says:

    Your life HAS been exciting lately. Glad you could take a break to deal with it.
    What a horror to have neighbors like that! 😦 We all want to feel safe in our homes. Good neighbors need to stick together and watch out for each other.

    Life is definitely NOT boring! But don’t we all like the good, fun excitement better than the not-so-positive excitement?!?! 😀

    I am saddened, angered, and tired of all the negative stuff going on in the US and around the world. 😦 If you had told me even 10 years ago that it would be like this in 2017 I would have laughed, and said, ‘No way! You’re kidding me!’ 😦

    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  8. gerard oosterman Says:

    If the choice is between bad neighbours or bad politics, I would have to pick Neighbours.
    The other is so much more dangerous. The world is running on a knife’s edge with maniacal leaders acting out their fantasies of ‘fire and fury.’
    Did I tell you I came second in indoor Bowling last night?
    Hugs. 😉

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  9. shoreacres Says:

    That’s quite a spiffy car, Gerard. I’d say it suits you well. Perhaps it will give the neighbor ladies something else to focus on, and they’ll forget about your plants. That would be nice.

    Just a note about that involuntary commitment — unless things truly fall apart, it’s not going to happen. The process outlined by the 25th Amendment to our Constitution isn’t complicated, but it requires several quite specific steps with “appeals” along the way.

    In the case of a debilitating stroke, or some other obvious physical impairment, it probably would move rather quickly. But the system’s set up so that political enemies can’t just cry, “The dude is crazy!” and lock him up. There are countries where such things happen, but ours isn’t one of them, and I’m glad.

    I laughed and laughed at the thought of a wily willy in Woy Woy. The names over there are delightful, even if I can’t pronounce half of them — especially from New Zealand. But it’s fun to try. I suppose I’ll never make it over there — in fact, I’m sure of it — but it’s still enjoyable learning about it.

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  10. gerard oosterman Says:

    Yes, Linda. It is a nice car but we would have preferred a more subdued colour. As it was, the decision was taken to take this one, mainly out of getting it over with. Looking around at cars is not our favourite pastimes.

    I was being flippant about involuntary commitment. As you say, we ought to be glad we have strong constitutions to safeguard against locking people up without due process.

    The plural of nouns in Aboriginal is to say or write the noun twice.
    Wagga is one crow, but wagga wagga are more than one. There is a city in New South Wales named Wagga Wagga.

    There is also a suburb of inner Sydney named Woolloomooloo of which the pronunciation causes great hilarity amongst tourists..

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  11. Yvonne Says:

    Woolloomooloo caused me great pronunciation problems when we move from Canada. Now, in NE Victoria, I am surrounded by tongue twisters: Tallangatta, Yackandandah and more. Most people just use abbreviations, so Yack, Wang (Wangarratta), and so on) I love it.

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  12. Robert Parker Teel Says:

    A lot of used car ads will work for politicians, too.
    “Not running on all cylinders” “Needs muffler” “No filters” “Battery but no spark” “Tires aren’t the only thing unbalanced” “Has a screw loose” and an oldie from the ’50’s I think
    “If brains were gasoline, it couldn’t go around the block”

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  13. kaytisweetlandrasmussen83 Says:

    A good post Gerard. So much to think on. First of all, that’s a really cool car. I like red they can see you coming. Of coourse, the coppers can see you speeding too. Be careful.

    About the 25th amendment here. Much as I would love to invoke it on Trump, they have to go through so much regamarole to get it going he will probably be out of office by then.

    As far as your wonderful place names, our native American place names in the northwest are equally intriguing. They should never be changed.

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  14. Big M Says:

    Very pretty car. You just need a scarf and some sort of sporty hat!

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  15. Christine Says:

    The days of nice-coloured cars seem to be gone. If you watch a parade of vintage cars (around the Sixties), you’ll see lovely pastel shades of lemon/blue/green and jewel shades of emerald and sapphire. Now it’s black/grey/white – and they throw in a red.

    Very disturbing news of a street attack in Finland; such a beautiful country (and not so small as I had imagined). Reportedly, a Moroccan responsible, refusing to reveal his true background.
    People cannot be blamed for wariness over immigration, in today’s world.

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