Nauru , Human Dumping Ground for Asylum Seekers

I HAVE JUST RECEIVED AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM THE CHILDREN IN NAURU:“We are 53 underage kids in detention and feeling we have been forgotten in Nauru so we decided to take some photo of ourselves. We are between 16 and youngest is 3 and there is 5 baby that they was born in Nauru. pls if you could, spread them . Thanks”

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  1. gerard oosterman Says:

    This is a re-blog from ” The children In Nauru.”
    At the moment this Australian Government is trying to do a trade in refugees with the USA. Refugees from Nauru and Manus islands are to be exchanged and traded for healthy Central American refugees.

    It seems Australia is repeating the history of the dreadful conditions suffered during the African slave trade whereby slaves were traded and exported to the US from this dreadful human Elmina holding pen.
    The following from Google about Elmina’s history.

    “As early as the 1500s, the settlers’ interest turned to the slave trade in light of the growing demand for human labor in the New World (the Americas and the Caribbean). From holding gold, ivory and other wares, the castles gradually imprisoned slaves, who were reduced to yet another commodity. The majestic fortresses along Ghana’s breathtaking coast housed dark dungeons, overflowing with misery and despair, right up until the slave trade was gradually abolished by each of the colonial powers in the first half of the 1800s. But by this point, the irreversible and immeasurable damage was done, and from West Africa alone it is estimated that six million slaves had been shipped to other countries. About 10-15% perished at sea during the so-called Middle Passage, never reaching their final destination.”

    An American trade party is right now examining the refugees in Nauru and Manus in preparation for this trade in human cargo. Nauru and Manus are the new Elmina fortresses whereby refuges are held indefinitely.

    If Donald Trump can do one thing, please make sure Australia takes in and welcome these long suffering refugees and their children that have now been imprisoned by Australia, without charge, for several hundred days.

    Please pass this post around.


  2. Yvonne Says:

    Australia, the Lucky Country (for some).


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