The outlook though the window and why Ivy needs removing.

Last Saturday morning at around 10.30 I happened to glance outside the bedroom window. I often look through windows. There is nothing wrong with that. I often wonder why so many windows in Australia are covered, shutting out the possible excitement that might be going on outside. The Venetian blind had a lot to answer for.

The outlook through the window is somewhat marred by a paling fence opposite the drive-way passing through our housing compound, or condominium as it known by in the US. We have planted a jasmine against the fence which helps to soften the look of the paling fence. However, we know that the Chairperson, the Secretary and the Treasurer of our Body Corporate are ardent lovers of exposed paling fences. We are therefore in the minority trying to install some beauty and making the best of the ugly paling fence by trying to get greenery to grow up and hide them. The paling fence is a revered type of architectural structure by believers of privacy. Privacy is absolutely set in stone by most people. A much loved emotional stance. It must be defended by hook and crook against anyone who dares to infringe on it.

The paling fence is a kind of barrier between properties, a border but without guards looking for smugglers or refugees. Sometimes it causes friction when a ball happens to cross this boundary. Nasty neighbours have been known to refuse to throw the ball back. In shared housing complexes, the parking of cars and shared paling fences have been known to cause endless wars between maniacally ‘privacy’ seeking neighbours. The popular image of hanging over the fence by neighbours talking to each other is a myth but it makes us look a bit better. Only last week a 68 year old neighbour got murdered by his 73 year old next door life long enemy. The Newspaper described the neighbourhood as ‘a close knit community.’ The article included a photo of a tear-stained woman holding a little teddy bear as proof. The murder was a result of an (illegally) overhanging branch of a tea-tree.

As I said earlier, I was looking through the upstairs window. I noticed a determined looking Chairperson and her equally sharp looking Secretary walking by. An ominous sign was that the Chairperson was holding a garden clipper with the Secretary following her with a small barrow. What were they up to? They stopped right opposite our house and both crawled through some shrubs. The Chairperson is in her eighties and the Secretary in her fifties or so. When they reached the paling fence it came clear what they had conspired to achieve. It was some unwanted ivy that was growing up the fence. It was not to be tolerated. Within a minute they had cut the bottom of the ivy and started to rip it off the paling fence. Such dedication. And it was Saturday afternoon!

We had resolved to not give any oxygen to Body Corporate disputes since last time, when one of them, we know it was the Chairperson had left a threatening letter in our letterbox on behalf of ‘owners’ suggesting we sell up. We let the ivy be taken. Let them relish their nastiness. I was upset but restrained an urge to a dual strangulation. Instead I took the new cordless vacuum cleaner from the room’s corner and switched it on. Helvi noticed I was upset and my usual spirited and enthusiastic vacuuming was obviously lacking. My face was long and the spirit murderous.

She said, ‘why get upset, Gerard?’ True, it is only a trivial matter. The vacuuming did give some respite and seething anger did abate a bit. Even so, I consoled myself with a fervent hope that Alzheimer will soon get to the Chairperson. The sooner the better.

Helvi, as always remained sensible. I said, ‘how come you always stay so calm?’ ‘You give so much more than I.’ ‘So true, she said wickedly and smiled.’ ‘Let’s just plant more Jasmine.’

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22 Responses to “The outlook though the window and why Ivy needs removing.”

  1. Yvonne Says:

    It’s those quiet, cheerful ones, like your Helvi, that you have to watch! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. A very important story about my wife's family background Says:

    I have the same problem as Gerard. It’s not so much privacy but in our case it’s the secretary that is such a sticker for the trivial issues he digs up. The Strata manager too is no better. I think there is some hanky panky going on here. If I ever move house again, I’ll avoid strata and community tittle at whatever costs.

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Yes, Herman. It all rings a bell.

      .The remnants of all past history of bullying right from day one, gets played out in our Government. And as a final resort in Strata managed properties. The chairperson finally gets the chance to get her revenge on perceived wrongs perpetrated on him or her so many decades ago. You only have to read the reports on Private schools and the horrors of sexual assaults, bullying and how Principals are queueing up trying to wash their hands off it.

      In our strata it is all about the Chairperson being drunk on power. She finally gets her chance to make right all those wrongs of the past. She seeks revenge and it’s the Hebes, the daisies, and all the rules of Strata and their occupants that she now uses to get even with…

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  3. lifecameos Says:

    Definitely plant more jasmine.

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  4. jennypellett Says:

    I’d get upset too, but I’m not sure I’d resort to vacuuming. Maybe find a very noisy garden tool and set it running behind her paling fence on a Sunday afternoon…


  5. rod Says:

    I couldn’t be bothered with all the petty crap you have to put up with. I would move.

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  6. Curt Mekemson Says:

    Two words, Gerard: Bear trap. ๐Ÿ™‚ Probably even a few rat traps (do you have rats?) would do the trick. โ€“Curt


  7. hilarycustancegreen Says:

    Disheartening, though as someone who is perpetually at war with ivy, I can guarantee that it will only be encouraged by being snipped. I’m with the more jasmine approach. Try not to lose sleep.

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  8. Patti Fogarty Says:

    These people don’t sound happy at all . . . .

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  9. kaytisweetlandrasmussen83 Says:

    Don’t give up and don’t give in. Get Milo some body armor and put him in attack mode.

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