The Trip to Brisbane.

article-1315193-0B51BF4A000005DC-730_634x408We finally are going to Brisbane.
We will do this in our car with the foot-rest. It has been a sheer blessing practising this foot platform gadget. While in the past we would just jump in the car and go without a care or a plan, now it takes precise plotting and reconnoitring. My GPS has to be programmed, not a mean task for me. Each time I take a day off just to relax, build up courage, and charge the gadget before carefully programming it to the desired location.

And then there is the sorting of clothes and which items to take!

I do recognize the benefits of some gadgets, not least the simplicity and design of the cloth peg and paper clip, but electric things now are a world apart. Have you seen the latest vacuum cleaners? Some have cyclonic properties. Cyclonic properties? Should one look up the Bureau of Meteorology’s latest report before switching it on. Apart from that, those vacuum cleaners now intimidate just by its brutal design with all kinds of strange protuberances and additions. I feel, with the cyclone possibility and its looks, it might just take off to Mars by its own volition.

With planning stage for the Brisbane trip now well progressing, suitcases have been taken out and all bedding is covered with many clothes spread about like confetti at a Hawaiian wedding. I am being asked; “Does this suit me?” ” Oh yes, looks very young”. After a rapid withdrawal and a rustling noise, again; ” How about this outfit?” “Oh, very lovely it looks too, “I reply, still immersed in the mindboggling complications and multiple choices of setting GPS. It wants to know where I live. I thought the GPS would now this. If it doesn’t know my address, how will it know strange addresses hundreds of kilometres away?

As the days progressed, so did the excitement. “Should you book any motels, she said?” “I am not sure, can’t we just sleep anywhere” I blithely answered? “we are on holidays and we don’t have to catch the 6.30 am bus nr 401 to work, I added for sheer effect.” Remember when we just went, bought a tent along the way and slept next to the highway in the bush? I was warming to the subject of spontaneity and reckless high-way sleep-ins. “It was very romantic too then, I said .”

“Well, if you think I am going to sleep along the highway in a tent, forget it, I am not going.” She knows exactly how to stop any juvenile nonsense. “How does this look, do these shoes match my earrings?” “Yes, excellent choice, they will look very nice on Byron Bay beach.”

Remember we used to camp and take off with a 4 litre cask of Riesling and thongs? I again broached the subject of ‘just leaving on the spur of the moment.’ Yes, I do, and I never thought it was so romantic with flies, ticks and strange unwashed smells.

“Yes, but remember I would take out the surf board in the morning and ride the waves like any sun-kissed Apollo God of the surf?” “I wore a copper ankle brace with long hair that I used to get permed.” Remember?

No, I don’t. I looked up the Country Inn Hotel at Taree; go and book it!
Yes darling.

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19 Responses to “The Trip to Brisbane.”

  1. berlioz1935 Says:

    GPS to Brissie? Last time I checked, it was straight up Federal Highway 1. All those new gadgets make us not use our brains any more. I hope you are not deserting NSW?

    Any way, I wish you both a save trip and some reports from up north. would be nice. And if you see a cane toad just drive over them. Do you know the play, Travelling North?


  2. gerard oosterman Says:

    Thank you Berlioz,
    The GPS is supposed to guide us to Scarborough and Mein where my brother and sister live. No, will never move to Queensland. Too warm. I ‘ll think of Mother England, when driving over the cane toads, and close my eyes..


  3. auntyuta Says:

    How about using the GPS only when you really get lost?
    Anyway I wish you a beautiful drive and a very relaxing time up north.


    • gerard oosterman Says:

      The problem is I always get really lost. There are so many few distinguishing landmarks in our suburban architecture. To me most streets and suburbs look the same no matter in Brisbane or Perth.
      Last year we drove to Brisbane when our GPS broke down. I was so lost we nearly drove back to Sydney. No one that we asked knew how to direct us. In fact, often the people that we asked were lost and were just roaming around as well.
      No, the GPS will have to be programmed with it being stuck on the window only when we get closer.
      Thank you and we will send you updates.


  4. Malcolm Brown Says:

    Nice read.
    You have put together a very accurate representation of conversations in our household just before a vacation. I hope you have a good trip and I look forward to reading about it.

    As it happens, the wife and I are also travelling north soon. From Melbourne to Byron. We will also be staying in Motels.

    However, with my birding colleagues it’s a different matter. We do camp on the side of the road, eat out of the saucepan, sleep in tents or when it’s possible, in the open.
    We drink beer early and celebrate the finding of a new bird with jovial expletives. Fortunately we also shower weekly, (need it or not).
    The ages of our trio are mid thirties, fifty five (me) and something over sixty.

    There are no birds in a motel room at sunrise.



    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Thank you Malcolm,
      Well,the motel we have just booked at Taree does show a picture of some Rosellas eating seeds from the upstairs room with Balcony overlooking the Manning river. If they are there on arrival I’ll give them regards from Malcolm Brown.
      Yes, I know about those early beer mornings from years ago on 4wd to the outback through the Channel country up North.


  5. Lottie Nevin Says:

    Your marital dialogues are always such fun to read. I hope you both have a wonderful trip and enjoy your time in Brisbane. I find those GPS thingys very taxing to set up but they are useful. Happy Travels to you, Gerard.


    • gerard oosterman Says:

      We will have a nice trip, my next job is to set the GPS to an address where we have booked a motel at Taree, which is about 400km from here. How is Andalusia? Are you learning a wild Flamenco?


      • Lottie Nevin Says:

        We are still in Jakarta, Gerard, but we leave the week after next. Just days away now from wild flamenco!! Hope that your GPS gets you straight to the door of your motel safely 🙂


  6. Jonno Says:

    Don’t let the missus forget her ipad, we need her thoughts elsewhere.
    And if you get to Redcliffe turn back, you’ve just missed Scarborough.


  7. Andrew Says:

    We have booked a car with GPS for our trip to Britain in 10 days. I have no idea how or indeed if works. I am a GPS virgin. I am dreading it. I am like you, Gerard. I can get to within 10 miles of my destination but then have no idea. Mrs. Ha has already packed. I was not consulted other than to provide a precise weather forecast day by day. I have a bad feeling about this. Enjoy Brizzy and give my friends Tom & Marie a wave if you go anywhere near Dayboro.


    • gerard oosterman Says:

      I am sure one can do a course in GPS settings. I have used it a couple of times. It frightened the hell out of me when a loud ringing occurred a few times. Someone told us that this is often due to speed cameras along the road. What nightmarish world we live in. I have reached the stage I almost cower under the table just when my mobile phone rings.


  8. elizabeth2560 Says:

    Have a great time.


  9. gerard oosterman Says:

    Thank you Elizabeth. We are leaving on Tuesday and are packing already.


  10. kaytisweetlandrasmussen83 Says:

    I hope you finally got the GPS programmed. They are confusing, unreliable things aren’t they? I like your memories of surfing with a case of reisling and thongs, I’m not sure about sleeping alongside the road though. We also did it, and I don’t remember it as being a heck of a log of fun! I’m glad it’s not just me. Or sleeping on the beach sans tent with sand fleas, dampness etc. Ugh. Have a marvelous trip though.


  11. gerard oosterman Says:

    Thank you Kati.

    We are getting excited. It will be nice in the Peugeot with ample foot rest. I’ll try and get another piece up before tomorrow to tide things over as I am not good at using wi fi at hotels, nor do we have an Ipad/pod.


  12. Nick Ryan Says:

    Gerard you need to download the latest iPhone App “Does this look good on me v1.0” It is extremely useful as is the other App “Dodge the low flying shoe v4.1” Have a safe trip. Nick


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