Grandchildren and Rubbish Dumping at St Judes.

005We enjoyed the delights of having all our grandsons staying for a few days. The tent was put up in the back yard with stretchers and blow-up bed duly installed inside. A torch was suspended from inside the roof of the tent in case of an emergency. Max said he would provide emergency food rationings which we thought would be of some most dubious nutritional value, seeing he had been spotted at the Bowral ‘Lolly’ shop earlier on the day. Max and lollies are often one and in total sympathy with each other. We did not say anything about his stash of ‘food’ inside the tent. The boys are on holidays. So much for inherited genes. We both love vegetables thrive on just about anything that grows out of the soil.

The tent we had for some years. It is design whereby inter-lockable short pieces of spring loaded rods fit together and arranged through a series of loops sewed on the tent, then arch themselves around the outside of the tent and help to hold the whole structure of the tent up nice and taut. A simple design but what a genius who finally managed to get it right. There is so much in the design of good tents. Have you seen those small light-weight tents wherein the Himalayan climbers huddle in during freezing nights on their quest to conquer Mount Everest? They are small and weigh almost nothing. I remember seeing a movie made in the early fifties on those that climbed that mountain first. (Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay) They were lugging heavy canvas structures up that mountain. Now-a-days, hundreds climb it almost daily. The whole mountain littered with disbanded tents, oxygen bottles, toilets, and other debris and equipment with some horribly grimaced in their frozen death throes climbers as well.

H and I have long given up our plan to climb the Himalayans and are now just happy to take brisk daily walks through the church Yard and cemetery of St Judes. Milo, our incorrigible Jack Russell, forces us to go through the cemetery because, even though the church is in central Bowral, he knows there are rabbits around. A couple of weeks ago he found a frightened rabbit kitten and killed it instantly, merciless Milo is. Milo has beseeching eyes but don’t be fooled. He is a killer when it comes to rabbits and ducks. Bad boy Milo, good boy Milo.

St Judes’ church does its best to keep its ageing congregation and has many concerts, musical soirees and fund raisers. Parts of many churches are the collection bins near the gates where people can give and donate their unwanted goods to the less well off. Well, in Bowral it seems that many use those bins, in the dark of the night, to just jettison their rubbish. Too stingy to pay for tip fees, they use the bins to get rid of rubbish without having to pay. Broken TV’s, three legged chairs and wheel-less prams, smashed computers, broken Macy’s furniture, headless teddy bears, stained pre-loved mattresses, settees with springs poking through, bottomless suitcases, hose less vacuum cleaners. Week in week out the same story. Who dumps all that stuff and why?

Just read on the ABC ‘Just in’ News. The world throws out 50% of food. I reckon there must also be a steady stream of people who not only throw out massive amounts of food but also consume and chuck out, consume and chuck out goods. A kind of joyless life, the 2 minute thrill of buying unneeded stuff, spending money and then chuck it out, broken before even having used it. In between, jaws masticating just as joylessly unwanted food while driving (in the dark of the night) with a trailer and chuck it at St Judes.

Inside the church the congregation is enjoying a Johann Sebastian Bach recital.

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7 Responses to “Grandchildren and Rubbish Dumping at St Judes.”

  1. 730reportland Says:

    Hey Gerard, just to give you the heads up,

    On the rabbits,
    rabbits are an introduced `pest`, Let your dog have all he wants.

    On the ducks,
    You may need to watch your dog, he may get you into quite a bit of trouble with `wild-life` authorities as many ducks are protected and can only be taken in-season. (hide evidence in oven, then stomach)

    On the waste,
    It is ridiculous the amount of food wasted in `western` countries. I noticed on sbsdocs that europe is becoming as wasteful as australia and america. All for the supermarkets benefit of easy advertising and high profits. I never thought I would see the Europeans ever being as wasteful and, have clearly forgotten to teach the young about the `famine` conditions and rationing post WW2.


  2. gerard oosterman Says:

    Thanks for the reply 730 reportland.
    Yes, food to waste.
    Back in 1945 holding mum’s hand queuing for the green enameled bucket to get filled with potato peeling soup with a hint of cabbage leaves ‘infusions’ from the soup kitchen in bombed out Rotterdam.

    2-01-2013, I found a perfectly intact double smoked Virginia 3kg ham chucked out onto the Bradman oval. Our Jack Russell ‘Milo’ lead me to it. Good boy Milo!


  3. Rosie H. Says:

    Ah – Milo the Jack Russell. Having been the owner of a Jack Russell called Rosie I can relate to the small “killing machines”. Rosie tackled snakes, blue-tongues, birds and anything else that moved. It actually took me a while before I accepted that this was their nature and there was really nothing I could do about it. Re food waste – that is something I can never accept. And, of course, it is because Australians have full bellies.


    • gerard oosterman Says:

      But Milo does have a heart. We have a King Fisher who befriended H for some days. He or she, keeps looking at us from outside and waits for H to feed her/him some mince (top-side). The king fisher yesterday took it from Helvi’s hand. I nearly wept with joy.
      Amazingly, and this is the important bit, Milo seems to understand and shows no jealousy nor intentions of murder. Good Boy, Milo.


  4. Rosie H. Says:

    Yes, Good Boy, Milo. I agree they have a heart – best dogs ever.


  5. Rosie H. Says:

    Also – great group of grandsons.


  6. gerard oosterman Says:

    Thanks Rosie. I’ll tell the kids. They are great but…on the cusp of growing into discovering girls and then what..? Challenging times and nerve-wrecking for both sexes.
    In the meantime, we have our Milo and King Fisher keeping us company. Both cock their heads as if to say, ‘don’t worry’.


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