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Movies on Demand.

August 4, 2018

The above music will be instantly recognized by those who have watched the Swedish drama ‘The Bridge’.

We bought a TV that can show movies that are not broadcast in the normal way. You ‘download them’ via your WiFi. Downloading is now very much in. I never thought I would reach that level. I am almost on par with one of my grandsons. He downloads all day. It is a bit of a worry. There have been wagging fingers on TV warning parents of dire consequences of too much downloading. I remember in the fifties we were warned about the evils of writing with ball-points! It was the ruination of youth and education.

With IT downloading comes, according to the experts, a disregard for authority with one finger gestures and many young saying ‘fuck you’. Mind you in the US and elsewhere those rude undisciplined young people are now our only hope of getting rid of Trump, Duterte and other unbalanced narcissists on course to wreck the world. Our parents and their parents were taught to unquestionably and passively accept what they were told at all times by authority. Civil disobedience is making a comeback. It might be our only hope.

‘Eureka Street’s blog caught my eye, especially this article.  ‘Cry the murderous Country.’  The Jesuits do good things.

But back to ‘downloading movies’ It was far more complicated than I thought. Like anything with modern technology. It doesn’t allow for mistakes. Buttons on the remote-control of this special smart TV have to be pushed in the right sequence. Even following the right order almost to the nail-biting finish; one wrong button and one is back to square one. But apart from the technological aspects there is more. Some movies that are advertised as having 10 sessions, might just have 4. We found out by watching a really fantastic movie called ‘Trapped’. An Icelandic movie made in Iceland. Now Iceland is a country that always fascinated me. That bitter cold and those windswept glaciers and mountains. Yet, heating and hot water of the capital Reykjavik and some lakes is achieved by geothermal means. Most people speak very good English and many non-English speaking people from other parts of the world go and learn English in Iceland. Perhaps that is the answer for the young here?

After watching the first 4 episodes of ‘Trapped’ we could not find number 5. We were channelling up and down on our smart TV amongst the hundreds of available movies; no number 5 of ‘Trapped’. And  this Icelandic movie is the very essence or epitome of those Noir dramas that Scandinavia seem so good at creating. Who could forget Swedish TV series ‘The bridge’?

“The Bridge (Danish: Broen; Swedish: Bron) is a Scandinavian noir crime television series created and written by Hans Rosenfeldt. A joint creative and financed production between Sweden‘s Sveriges Television and Denmark‘s DR, it has been shown in more than 100 countries.“[1]

Afters  torturous channelling on the TV we finally got a keyboard displayed on the screen on which one can ask information of a particular movie. I typed in ‘Trapped’ and it showed 4 sessions. It did not tell us about the 6 missing sessions. Are they still coming? Who knows? Next time we will make sure to find out if the movie is shown with all its sessions.

The mini Wi-Fi amongst the Hebes

April 11, 2012

We remain amazed that the second largest Internet-Phone provider would advise a long time customer to try and put the mini wi-fi in the garden. After almost 2 years being bound to an E960 wireless system combining Internet and free phone we increasingly were dropping out and were advised to go for the mini wi-fi. We duly received this new device and were originally ecstatic that finally our problems would be solved

. Of course, after so many years of having survived life in general, we ought to by now have grown up with enough savoir sine qua non, to know that problems are a permanent part of life just like the annual weeds popping up on the foot-path or having to cut ones toenails. The problem with all businesses is that they want to sell and make profits, and in the process all honesty and morals are chucked aside.

We always wondered why they did not advice us just to get a cable connection, surely that should have been a first option. ? No, all the time, hour after hour, day after day, we dealt with heavily accented technical Philippine or Chinese experts who inevitably advised us to try this and click on that, upgrade to something else.

Finally after years of wrangling we were ready to throw in all and hurl ourselves into the local creek, when it finally came out that a normal cable connect telephone service wasn’t available from that provider in our street or area. That’s what it was all about. They did not want to lose out on a customer.

In the meantime, as if Internet and phone services had not got us into enough trouble already, I signed up with a Friendly Aussie Phone Co on a mouth watering touch-screen free phone with $ 100.- free credit every month. I could not loose, especially when I don’t use the mobile service much at all. For some reason, getting older involves getting less calls and also making less calls. Perhaps many of similar age(d) by then have given up or are dozing off somewhere in a park or library pretending to brush up on Patrick White literature or a foreign language…

I get my first account from the friendly Aussie  Phone Co for $79. – And a horrendous list of numbers with extraordinary charges per second. I kept getting ‘missed calls’ necessitating me ringing back on this ‘free mobile’. It transpires that reception or ‘coverage’ as they like to call it isn’t very good here. This results in calls being listed as ‘missed calls’ whenever someone has the temerity to call us. I drive somewhere were ‘coverage’ is normal and I get this list of missed calls. I phone back ‘on the ‘free mobile’, and get charged per second. I am now ‘locked’ in with this friendly provider for two years, can’t even get another mobile service without a court case or a new mobile number. A blind rage is sometimes welling up now.

It’s all so hopelessly complicated. Remember when a phone was something hanging from the wall? Now, almost everyone is hooked on fiddling with a device with tiny knobs or, in case of a touch screen, swiping and splaying fingers across a little square. All eye contact is avoided and conversation stifled. Six out of every eight pedestrians meet up with cars while fiddling with a device. We truly are connected.

I sometimes feel like joining the mini wi-fi underneath the Hebes or go out and strangle a sheep…