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What price Freedom?

February 27, 2017

Mum in Holland with a Hoover electric vacuum cleaner. (not cordless)

We are all not so sure anymore if it is safe to visit the US. A pity. We have never been there. Perhaps it might be possible take a cruise and visit New York without getting off board and risk going through Border Control and be detained. When Ali Jr hardly got through how about anyone with a non-Anglo name? I visited Egypt back in 1961. This might well come to punish me. No doubt the FBI or secret service have kept a tab on that visit.

While ‘Oosterman’ doesn’t sound Arabic, it does smack of something sinister. Oost is easily an East, and we all know what that means, don’t we? And what about that ‘man’ at the end?  A man from East? Say no more; detain him.

All kidding aside, and with all respect to my US based friends rest assured that the same is going on here in Australia. We don’t detain for a few hours, our prime minster Turnbull detains people for years if not life on Manus and Nauru. Woe those daring to enter Australia and not having drowned. You will be punished.

When I visited Egypt so long ago it was still allowed and possible to get right inside the Pyramid of Cheops. There was a tunnel that led one right up into the Queen’s chamber. It was quite a hike up and then down with a never ending stream of tourists doing the same. Afterwards there was the obligatory camel ride. I took a bit of stone from the pyramid and kept it for years together with a fez that I had bought in Port Said on our migration trip to Australia in 1956. So, our involvement with the middle East started early. The fez and pyramid piece of stone have long gone, possibly pinched by our children when young, showing off to their friends how well travelled their parents were!

Rumblings of Turnbull’s demise and Trumps impeachment are growing fatter and gets richly fertilized as time goes by. We shall see. In the meantime I am still kept busy with another type of freedom; the Hoover cordless ‘Freedom.’ I have just done ( vacuumed) our whole house with one charge. What do you think of that? Of course, the battery is a lithium. It is now the new catch word in electronic jargon. People ask ; How are your lithiums going?

We were in Sydney yesterday having a lunch with daughter and one grandson. The other one is fighting with his mother over not being home ‘on time’ as promised. We know that problem well. However, it is their turn now. We are old and beyond feeling guilty about grandchildren behaviour, especially teen-grandchildren. There are lots of books about teen problems now. Just don’t read them.

Ever since we started brushing Milo, the hair load on our floor has eased. We brush him twice daily. He likes it and actually leans against the steel rubber tipped hairbrush. I then have the job of unpicking Milo’s hair from the brush. It is quite a job. (twice a day) I was surprised therefore that even with all that brushing I had to empty the ‘Freedom’ cordless twice as the canister was chock-a-block with Milo’s dust and hair. Milo just studies my vacuuming and then yawns.

That’s freedom for you.


Go and figure this one out!

February 5, 2017


Most of the world knows about  refugees. Italy alone took in 180 000 during 2016. More than three years ago anyone trying to reach Australia by boat would from then on be locked up. Manus and Nauru were the places agreeing to house refugees. Australia vowed never to let those into Australia.There are  more than 1200 refugees still on those Islands. Most have been granted refugee status.

The cost in housing refugees has been in the billions. Private contractors are the main beneficiaries as well as New Guinea  and Nauru. The idea in not letting the refugees ever into Australia was that letting them in would result in an armada of refugees coming to Australia, clamber over our dunes, take our jobs or bludge of welfare! They would covet our  women and make cliterectomy compulsory for all.

The idea of locking the refugees up had to be seen as harsh enough to deter the so called ‘people smugglers.’ At present refugees trying to flee to either Europe or elsewhere in primitive boats have a chance of 1-100 in drowning. We know that many are desperate enough to take that gamble. The Australian Government knew that risk of drowning wasn’t enough a deterrent. The idea was born that the punishment for not drowning had to be far more severe. Teach the survivors a lesson they won’t forget. More importantly, the message would go out. “Don’t think of coming to Australia.”

That’s why the conditions for refugees locked up  indefinitely had to be far more stringent and better thought out. The refugees were not charged with any crimes. They just had to be kept locked and deprived of the most essential need of all. A future to look forward to. For children not to grow up in freedom and get an education. Teach them a lesson.  After several suicides and many incidents of self harm, even by children, the Government rejoiced and proudly stated that no boat had arrived. The prime minister Turnbull was jubilant; “We are the envy of the world dealing with refugees,.” he announced proudly.

It was decided that after the UNHCR, the UN, and Amnesty International had become vocal in condemnation that Australia tried to fop off the refugees elsewhere. Forty million dollars was spent to bribe Cambodia in taking just three refugees. Two have since left.

Now Trump and Turnbull ( Trumble) have locked themselves into horse -trading over allowing 1200 refugees from Manus and Nauru  into America. The vetting will be extreme. Americans are justly asking why Australia can’t take them in. It must be a mystery. Per capita Australia has far more space than the USA. So what about that deterrent?

If you dare to come to Australia you might go to America?

More importantly, what about those people? You know the people on Manus and Nauru?

Go and figure!

Back to school for the monsters, and wedded bliss

January 28, 2017



wedding photo of my parents with mum’s brother and sister.

The end of the holidays is for mothers always the best part of a holiday. That is what my mother thought. With six children she was always happy to see us walk back to school. I am sure many mothers today feel the same. Holidays for adults were rare. Dad went to work to earn the food and rent. Mum stayed home, darning socks, washing clothes and cook the food. Millions of tasks. It was normal. All over the world it still is.  Sometimes we were taken for a single day or so. A circus with clowns or a day at the beach is what I remember.

“Have you packed your schoolbag?” “Yes, mum.” This will be echoed around  suburbia this coming Monday morning. I wonder if school lunches are still being made? I suspect many children buy their lunches. In Australia the summer holidays are spread around Christmas. This year it has been hotter than ever and the Nuclear clock has been wound-up to go off in a matter of global minutes. A pessimism is spreading the world which is when I feel most elated. There isn’t a great deal that I can do about Trump or our own coterie of paper mache politicians. I might as well enjoy the ride and make the most of it.

It is just as well that Helvi is the opposite, boundless optimism and full of cheer. Peals of laughter can often be heard. A pretty good match if you can find it. Last Saturday there was the annual Wedding show at the Bradman Cricket Oval. ‘It is huge, a world’s best, that is so true.’ The grounds were taken up by over seventy virginal white marquees with one huge ‘big top tent’ smack in the middle of the oval.  Every now and then the wedding march would boom through loudspeakers. Keen  sparkling eyed girls practising the coming event. Dreaming swirling around, eyes agog, it will be magic, ‘it will be the best, weddings first, love after wilting. It is so true.’

Have a dekko at this lot.

It is too late now, seeing the event is over, but I might set up my own wedding marquees next year on the Bradman Oval. Show them some real cricket! I want to give balance. I would serve cautionary tales and serious advice, perhaps with video footage shot at Family Courts. Close ups of bitter wives and warring husbands , fighting tooth and nail. Sound would include their sobbing’s with white rage. The marquees would have tables groaning with wedding albums torn to shreds. Photographic evidence of chucked wedding videos. Bins full of wedding gowns and other wedding paraphernalia. It would also have copies of lawyer bills running into tens of millions. The flotsam of real weddings would be om show.

I will also present conclusive proof that there is a strong correlation between,  the more money spent on the wedding the shorter the duration of wedded bliss. In fact, consumer affairs have long thought of banning weddings or at least give it star ratings. I am sure that if fridges failed at over forty percent, they would be banned.

I noticed that minced meat is now also given a star rating. I generally go for the three star mince quality but Helvi prefers the more leaner and optimistic four star beef mince. I like a bit of fat. It keeps me on my toes.

I am going to barbeque some potatoes wrapped in foil, char-grill a few red capsicums and make some patties of my minced beef (3 star) with cumin, garlic and some pepper. It is still too hot and I shall wait till about 6pm when the temperature drops to about c20. It will be so good, so great…the best barbeque and that is true.

The shivers down my spine.

November 7, 2016
Milo with Angels

Milo with Angels

Rain is forecast for today. This prediction might well be the cause of feelings of impending disaster. Just talking about the US election. When I hear intelligent normal people talking how they will vote for Trump one wonders if it is not time to regress a little historically and invoke Godwin’s Law factor. It is assumed that in any conversation, the longer it goes on the more likely the name of Hitler will pop up. The law of averages has proven that.

Prediction are that Clinton will win. She has a waver-thin lead over Trump, but the pull of the dissatisfied in today’s US seems eerily similar to the mood in pre-war Germany which led to the choice ‘by the people’ of a madman. Trump is mad, there can’t be any doubt. Yet, perfectly normal people are now considering throwing rational choice overboard and go for change, any change. They want so desperately to assuage their feelings and suspicions that the greatest nation of their beloved US is in a terminal decline. ‘We will make America great again’ is easier said than done. Yet, that is what Trump has used very effectively to attract the dissatisfied.

Remember the UK’s Brexit? The polls had Cameron clearly ahead. And look at the UK today. All the euphoria of the mad Right evaporated. Things are worse now. At least in the UK they don’t have a madman leading the country. But, there is time yet.

The waning of the might of the US and the waxing of China as the new top nation is what is happening. They forgot the ‘social’ aspect of humanity. Every dog for himself, with the rest of the world seen as a frontier to seduce and overcome.

Australia is also faced with an inability to Govern. It is all about staying in power. How could it have come to this? The children and adult refugees On Nauru and Manus are on the cusp of being re-settled somewhere else. A condition of resettling them elsewhere ( most have been given refugee status) will be that they will NEVER be allowed to enter or visit Australia. It has even been suggested they will be micro-chipped in order to ensure they will be detected at Australian airports.

I hope that the Bernie factor in the US will be a win for Hillary Clinton but I wish I was feeling more optimistic. We will know within a couple of days.

What was that again about Hitler?

Trump is a Fraud. Mitt Romney.

March 4, 2016

A great post.

In the meantime the book ‘Almost There’ is bubbling away. The latest an issue on registering it with CreateSpace. There is an issue of US taxation. No matter how I fill in the envelopes and how often I click, Australian registration doesn’t seem to work. Still, there is no hurry. The book is not ready.

Are there any secrets to the US taxation?