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The Stress test.

May 31, 2021

A stress test is a way of finding out how a heart function under duress and while alive. I had the good fortune to take this test because I was found to still be breathing and moving limbs in a fairly coordinated way. It is usually the job of the cardiologist to perform inspections or investigations of life people’s hearts. For a few years now I have been taking a medley of medications that were suggested by my cardiologist to increase the ‘efficiency’ of my heart. On a previous visit it was found that my heart wasn’t pumping at enough strength to bolster staying alive for as long as possible and bearable. I say bearable because each time I put on TV there are endless tales of Covid woes together with the latest sharks biting people…At times it makes one wonder about the efficacy of life. I hear the word ‘efficacy’ being bandied about so I thought of using it now as well. That word has become popular because of the different Vaccines ‘roll-out’


Gerard on the treadmill.

‘Rolling out’ also has become popular but it doesn’t sound as nice as ‘efficacy’. ‘Esoteric’ is also a nice word to use now. The word ‘logistics’ has faded, and one needs to be fully alerted to witness seeing or hearing this word. Big semi-trailers with dual cabins still sometimes have ‘logistic’ written on large canvas coverings. Does it hint at deliveries on time?

But going back to my stress test at the cardiologist. My main aim was to find out the efficacy of all my tablets. My prescriptions include blood thinners and hypertension tablets as well as diuretics, thyroxine and Entresto which is the new very expensive pill on the block of medicines. I might imagine it, but when the chemist sees me coming with my list of prescriptions, he tends to smile, straighten up on his raised podium, and starts rocking on his heels. Of course, I get most of the medications subsidized and pay little. None the less, the chemists or apothecaries get a nice little earner.

I normally have low blood pressure, so why the hypertension tablets? I also query the blood thinner and the diuretic usually reserved for swollen limbs or overweight people which I am definitely not.  My nights are now spent more en passant my bed and lounging sullenly near the toilet. Why? However, the good news is that my test showed me improved from last time and much fitter than most my age. I am lucky. As for the questions relating to my tablets. This was all a bit  too esoteric and I was thrown by the cardiologist using the efficacies and combinations of blood pressure versus thyroid levels and organs. My companion and lovely Annette persisted with questioning but he gave her short thrift.  Told her; leave that for Gerard to decide.!!!


A nervous heart.

October 27, 2018

Our Prime Minister, Scott Morrison is now comparing setting sick children free from detention with talking to people smugglers. Talking to doctors about the trauma of suffering children, and setting them free is negotiating with people smugglers. “We don’t negotiate on that issue”, he said with a broad smile. In the meantime his hatred is growing fatter.

I am feeling a bit tired and listless of late. I normally don’t gravitate to doctors. Helvi insisted I should get a check-up. “Every time I come downstairs you are sleeping,” she says. It started to get on my nerves. It reached a stage whereby I would quickly get up, when or if, I could hear her coming down. She had warned me she doesn’t want a sleepy husband. She would then hum a Dutch nursery rhyme, ” Slaap kindje, slaap. Sleep child, sleep.” Here it is. It has over 5 million hits. Helvi sings it perfectly. Not a child in Holland would grow up without that little song being sung to lull him or her to sleep. That’s why the Dutch are always on the yearly list of  ‘happiness’.


I went see the local doctor who referred me to get an X-ray and blood test done. Lungs are good and apart from an upward adjustment for my thyroid medication the only other problem was that I might have had a heart attack. Another referral was written to see the cardiologist. The same one that deals with Helvi’s heart after it was damaged through her chemo treatment. I went last Thursday. I was told to do a stress test. I very much looked forward to this. Nurse told me to undress and this was followed by getting lots of wires attached to my chest and back. I was put on a tread-mill.  It must have been a ridiculous sight. I was glad Helvi wasn’t there to see her husband struggling on this treadmill. Her Don Juan reduced pitifully. Old age does that.

The outcome was a script for a box full of medications. They all have impossibly difficult and lengthy names. I have an abnormal heart-beat rhythm and strange pulse. This too has a difficult name. I think it is non-valvular ATRIAL Fibrillation. I have five different tablets. Each morning I get up and together with Helvi attend to our medications. The humming of blood pressure machines before breakfast. The updating of charts etc is now common routine.  There is a box of Pradaxa, Candasan or Dabigatran etexilate and many others now. A couple of them are to extract fluids. The toilet is a hive of activity all day. Lucky we have three toilets. The prescriptions are handwritten and I don’t know how the Chemist can make sense of them. The Doctor’s account is crystal clear though.

Perhaps the events in our family a few years ago have overwhelmed. It might not have helped good health. Even so, together we laugh and live off the good memories. The sun still shines.