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The outing of words into a real book.

December 21, 2015

photo Gerard

Can one imagine? We all know that much of our world is not really tangible anymore. Even tactility is fast disappearing. It is all  available on the Internet. People can view and feel everything now on a screen. You can chose to adjust the size and distance from the screen to suit your vision. Whole lives are lived in front of a screen. People now ( I have been told) are living entire relationships now within the internet. They never actually meet. It seems that for some that is enough. With fast changing technology, even mutual sex is experienced through the internet with a variety of adjustable vibrating plug-ins and erotic apps. Love is doomed forever to remain elusive but how could Cupid have known its mystery would come to this?

So it is with words. In the past words were either spoken or held on a firm material, often on paper and in books. Remember books? I bought a kindle a few years back and downloaded the entire Tolstoy’s ‘war and peace’ in a split second and it was free. I started to read the story again but gave up after the first hundred pages or so. I haven’t touched the device since. I forgot the password.

Some people are organised with passwords. They keep a little book with their passwords somewhere. They are especially wary of the passwords of their bank-accounts. The password on my kindle is now floating around with so many of my other passwords. I just don’t connect to anything anymore that asks for a forgotten password. It is getting so peaceful.

Lately I am driven to get some of my words on a more tangible material such as a real book. I came across a web-site for self publishing and filled in a form for an estimate of costs. It is of course ever so gratefully acknowledged that so many of you have persisted in reading some of my word order. It is now over eight years since I started writing. I even wrote a book called ‘Frank’s story’ which I sent off to those publishers recommended by Australian Society of Authors. All of whom were supportive but no offer of publication. It is no wonder. It is a very competitive business.

As I said, I am chuffed each time bits of my writing gets read and responded too. It keeps me going and off the streets. I am now contemplating to get a book published that one can actually lift up and feel its weight, turn it around, even fondle it. My daughter and three grandsons will perhaps even carry it around within their lives after I am no longer here. I know they will get our spoons and forks but those will end up most likely donated at Father Riley or the Salvo’s. A future receiver of my spoons is hardly likely to reflect in whose mouths those spoons might have rested or ladled food into.

It just gives me a  glowing feeling that my words might survive in a more substantial form that just swirling around on the Internet. Heaven only knows in whose vibrating App those words of mine could end up in?

In any case, I have asked for a price on just 50 books. I need to re-write and print out the manuscript feverishly. I am so excited about the idea. Any advice will be welcomed. If you know a good editor let me know.


My words are eagerly waiting.