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A good sleep

February 16, 2017

IMG_0918 front garden August 2016

Is it true that the elderly sleep less? As much as I dislike starting an article about sleep, I wonder about it? So much depends on a good sleep. One of the first thing we ask each other; how was your sleep?  Or, how did you sleep? I know that if the answer is “terrible” we could be in for a torrid day. With the years piling up, more and more memories and life’s baggage gets stored. You wonder if losing a bit of memory is a blessing in disguise.

I have become more forgetful, especially names. It is something that worries some but not me. I have no trouble admitting I don’t know a single name of a recent Olympic champion. I remember Zatopek and Fanny Blankers Koen from the past. I don’t know the name of even a single rugby player of today.  Sport and I are Teflon coated. Water off a ducks back, and gladly so. I feel sorry for all those ex-champions having to cope with a future life without fame, all fading away into so much nothingness. Like all of us really. One ought to be thankful for lacking fame.

We have both keenly taken to a large memory calendar on which we write down future appointments. One of our first appointment will be getting quotes for air conditioning. Next, yearly check ups for doctors, poking around a bit here and there. A hearing check up. That’s all there is so far. I hope to get more interesting appointments written down soon. A date for a trip around the world on a large cruise-liner would be nice. Or, being interviewed about having won a literary competition. Oprah Winfrey talk show invitation?

So far this large desk-top calendar has just those few appointments. No dinner dates or meeting up with our PM Turnbull nor any undertaker. I wonder if he suffers sleepless nights? He isn’t a happy man anymore. Being at the mercy of the extreme charlatans of the right. He must have had a dream for change. Make Australia progressive. Pass legislation hurling Australia into the twenty first century. Even the same sex marriage bill, which most want, including our PM, is now slipping away. Why doesn’t he have the guts of his convictions and go for needed change? He might loose his Prime ministership, but he can say; I tried!

No appointment needed for the date with autumn. A few golden-auburn Liquid Amber (Liquidambar styraciflua)  leaves have arrived already. We can’t get to cooler weather soon enough. We are now troubled by having seen a very nice free-standing house opposite where we live. It has a beautiful garden and a workshop-cum extra little living space (for times during marital upheavals/differences/ enthusiastic outbursts.) It has its own men’s shed really!  I could finally make a rabbit hutch. The house itself has more space. Above all, it would allow us to get away from the Body corporate and its Strata witchcraft. No more stolen plants or bullying threats from ropable divorcées.

We really like living in this town-house. It is convenient and so much work  Helvi put in the garden. The problem is that old trees don’t easily get re-planted elsewhere. Are we old trees? While not saplings, we don’t feel like gnarled oaks. What do you reckon? Should we move? It would be rather painless moving across the road and being able to give the ‘finger-up’ to Body Corporate/Strata witches. Mind you, retaliation isn’t an answer to bullying.

What do youse reckon?


The Loneliness of very large Saucepans in the Cupboards of Life

September 18, 2013

It seems everything gets a bit less as the years roll by. Our strides with Milo are shorter now, as when, for example, I was marching up the Austrian Dolomites so many years ago. Of course I never took any measurements of my strides then nor will I resort to it now.

It is the same with intake of food. Our meals are shorter in that they are smaller now. From the huge plates of yesteryear, laden with heavy clay spuds, sprouts and massive steaks, we now eat a miniscule little baby beetroot with single small Dutch carrot and a single sad eyed sardine. The plates are smaller and those big plates are only taken out when the grandsons are over with their noisy enormous 3 kilo potatoes appetites.

Yes, it has all become so much less or smaller. Even noise is getting less. It is rare to have loud music blaring out or TV on without watching. I have noticed that it seems to be quite acceptable for the younger generation to have the TV on or loud radio cackle without watching the TV or listening to the sounds. It is more or less something that appears to give some meaning to their lives, almost as if the noise confirms they are really living and whooping it up, just like everybody else.

Anyway, whatever the pro-s and con-s, (more cons) of modern life, within our duopoly of domesticity a rather peaceful era has arrived and we love it. We are sometimes still invited to a sleep-over at our children or friends but we rarely accept. It means we often scurry back, in the hollow of the night (now with the new foot-rest car), to our own nest and throw ourselves down on the newly stuffed divan, utterly content with our own abode. No noise, no TV chatter, just us. How lovely. How much better can this get?

With all the diminution of those superfluous materials in our lives and a concentration on quality rather than quantity we seem to be somewhat burdened by having things we never use. Cupboards are filled with too much. So many spoons and forks are rattling in drawers, not too speak of cork screws, bottle openers, ladles, swirly things and other cooking implements. We have a round saucepan made of granite or stone given to us years ago. A thing you pre-heat in the oven and then you can cook something in it afterwards. Why stone? Apparently some obscure tribe in Papua or Tibet use that form of cooking. We have never used it.

We have so many saucepans. One is so huge, I can’t remember we ever cooked for the army or orphanages. It has a large handle and on the opposite side a smaller handle as well. You can only lift it by using two strong arms and that is without food cooked in it. With food cooked in it I have to stand on a chair for extra leverage and need Helvi’s aid as well.

With the weather warming I prefer to cook outside. It is so nice to wake up not to the smell of fried onions. I have a super duper barbeque with Teflon hot plate and stainless steel burners. Late in the afternoon, I slice potatoes and Helvi makes some top side grass fed Angus cow meat patties. With that a variety of vegetables, all in miniscule portions and I barbeque like mad. Not a single saucepan gets used.

In the meantime our cupboards are groaning with all our past cooking machinery and implements. Stainless steel saucepans. Cast iron saucepans. Teflon saucepans. Ribbed saucepans (cast Iron) to give that ribbed look on the salmon or sole. They are all resting there in our cupboards waiting for heat, food, but above all for the human touch to be taken out and used once more again. They live in hope!

Perhaps it will happen at this year’s Christmas.