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Autumn and Easter on a misty morning.

April 17, 2022

IMG_3124 a misty Easter

On my early morning walk on this Easter Sunday I was greeted by this vista of rising mist from the wild bush just beyond the village main strip. It held the promise of a beautiful day. My home in Mittagong is situated between two large mountains. One is an extinct volcano named Gibraltar which till the seventies was mined for its trachyte. There are several tourists tracks that leads to old quarry sites with slow rusting infrastructures a testimony to those earlier days.

The other mountain is wild and difficult to get access too because of its ruggedness and inhospitable terrain. However at the foot of it is a magic lake which at one stage was used to cool a steel making manufacturing enterprise which, according to its history, never really turned a profit and was discontinued after several attempts till the early fifties.

IMG_3117 autumn 2022

The above photo is a gentle walk around the lake which is hard to imagine was once used to cool machinery. I try and walk there daily with Bentley who stops every second step to investigate a smell. With ducks, geese,  snakes, kangaroos wombats and possibly koalas it must be an olfactory paradise for him.

IMG_0874Bowral Ducks

Happy Easter everyone.

You can’t rely on others for comfort.

July 29, 2016


We got back home a few days ago. Now that August is in sight and days getting longer we again will ponder over; what next? It seems that hibernation isn’t just for bears or snakes. Perhaps it includes some humans as well. With aging comes a kind of reluctance to get away from comfort. On travelling, thoughts go to airports and going through customs. The padding down, the taking off belts, shoes and hearing-aids(batteries makes the alarm go off). Last week-end we decided to take up the challenge and just try visiting relatives and friends. We enjoyed it.

Isis must stand back in awe when viewing those videos about our own country. I mean tear gassing, water torture, stripping 10 year olds, belting them?.
Have the passports been taken away from those perpetrators? Are they being charged?
And Brandis? What about that stone-cold exterior? I shiver. It is just so chilling. How close are we from doing our own brand of Isis, and to children.
In the ABC news ‘Just in’. Try and comprehend this;

“NT Government counter-suing two boys tear-gassed by prison guards at Don Dale centre.” It seems the Government is now trying to get even with the boys that were so badly treated and are suing two boys for over $80.000.-.