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Milo in the fox trap. “2017 is knocking”

December 21, 2016

Almost There

A few more days and it will all be over, but don’t let this fool you. Anything is still possible! Christmas time is as unholy as ever. It seems that even football is now to be avoided at all costs. This, the latest of sexual abuse in the English speaking world;

Twenty police forces are now investigating! Can you believe it? What is it? Is it something in the English fish-chips?

” By mid December, in response to allegations from 350 individuals, The Football Association, the Scottish Football Association, several football clubs and over 20 UK police forces had established various inquiries and investigations; on 21 December 2016, 155 potential suspects were said to be involved in alleged abuse of 429 individuals at 148 clubs.”

Mind you, Australia is also at the forefront and riddled with sex scandals. No school, no matter how exclusive or expensive has been found lacking with ‘School Masters’ ( a silly title if ever there was) sexually abusing their students. In fact the more exclusive the worse it seems to get. Cranbrook, Kings College, Scots College. They all queue up like tin soldiers. Former students are fronting up in Royal Commissions telling of their dreadful abuse by former teachers. Headmasters were flat out confessing they should have put a stop to it. But…they did not! One teacher after years of abusing students was finally sacked but given a glowing reference and a handsome pay-out figure. Can you believe it.?

I just thought to update you of the latest, before year’s turning.

I spoke with Harley next door giving condolences for the loss of his beloved chickens. That’s the thing with foxes. They are cruel and kill for the sheer fun of it. It’s not as if they kill and eat one for hunger. Just like us humans really. Kill for fun. The Syrian massacres the latest sample of killing for the sake of killing. A horrible dance macabre. A bacchanalian killing field. And then those serious black suited men sitting around conference tables arranging buses and tut tutting about peace?

Anyway, poor Harley felt a bit rotten about it all. His faithful but dead Barnevelders laying and lying all over the place. (but not with eggs) ‘For once I did not lock them in’, he said looking me in the eyes, a trace of guilt. It reminded me of how the foxes had struck many times on our farm. Dead ducks, chickens and so often too. Foxes, at least the Australian variety, can climb fences. We ended up with the chicken pens having wire over the top as well. A fortress type enclosure was the only way to go. Yet, rarely would one see a fox. You could spend years living in the outback, never see a fox.

As a last resort we bought a strong wire cage as a fox trap. It had a trap door that would clamp shut after the fox had entered to get to his prey. We were told to put in a dead bird and to handle the cage wearing gloves. Any human scent would deter the canny fox. They are smart. Nothing happened. No fox ever trapped. One morning I checked and poor Milo our Jack Russell was inside the trap, looking sheepish. At least he hadn’t touched the duck. It was too smelly. When we sold the farm it must have found a new owner.

Milo in a fox trap. Oh dear!

Of Art and Family.

November 11, 2013


Above photo is of the village of Eursinge in East-Holland were our farm was situated. It was very charming and all houses and farms were clustered together making for friendly meetings of the local farmers. We all had running water, sewerage connected and electricity. The picture would have been taken 1975 or so.


Here a photo of Helvi with our three children during early times around 1973/4 when we lived in Holland and I was teaching art and creative development for adults. It was a golden age for the arts at that time.


Here some etching made when I could use all the equipment at the University of Technology including lithography presses etc. The colour I added by rubbing some blue and red on the copper plate before printing. They were of course mono prints.


This last photo of our farm and two Shetland ponies. (mother and son) the small girl standing on the wire fence is our Natasha. The sheep shed on the right is our neighbour’s. We had one of our sheep twinning but the mother only accepted just the one and head butted the other one. No matter what we did the mother sheep just wanted one. We tried blindfolding the mother, giving strong scents to the lambs. All to no avail. It was pitiful to see how she tried to butt the poor lamb relentlessly. We bottle-fed her and the lamb grew and caught up with the other one. The kids were all a bit sad with that sheep episode but always getting up early to give it the bottle. “They said; she is a very mean mother”. A nice bit of how nature is not always as kind as is made out.