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London wants exit from Brexit, another referendum the Neverendum

June 25, 2016


It is clear now. The UK is heading for what they are famous for; pure chaos and Monty Python. Over two and half million signatures have been collected calling for a new referendum. A second referendum is also gathering steam for London to exit the Brexit and remain in the EU.

A map of the petition signatures showed that most came from England’s major cities, topped by London where there is a separate petition calling on Mayor Sadiq Khan to declare the capital independent from the United Kingdom, and apply to join the EU.

With Scotland and now London wanting to become independent one can start to see what happens when, instead of joining in globalisation, the isolation and separating can’t be good for the general welfare of this tiny world.

I feel like going back to bed, curl up with a good book. ( don’t forget Libexit!)