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The Agapanthus.

December 29, 2018




Certain domestic duties are shared between both of us. Washing-up is one of them. We have a dishwasher but we both decided that the effort in using it was more than just doing it by hand. Lately I do this chore more than H. as it warms my hands. As you all know, we are both on medications, some we share but all kept in different pill boxes. One has ‘Helvi’ and the other ‘Gerard’ written on. My pill-box is much bigger. (as it should)

One of the pills is giving me very cold hands. The quack reckons he sees those suffering from that condition rarely. He looked at my hands which I had gloved in Arctic gloves. The gloves are black and very solid, bought at great expense from the R.M Williams shop here in Bowral just around the corner from the CBA bank.  The cardiologist looked at my fingers and clicked with his tongue. I asked, should I be alarmed? He reassured me. ‘It is due to a medication that calms down your heart’, he said while looking at my list of medications. ‘Just keep wearing your gloves when your fingers turn white or show signs of distress. Fortunately, the cold fingers only last between about 10am and 2 pm when the drug starts to wear off. I am not sure how fingers are supposed to show distress.

Of course, when I wash up I don’t wear the gloves and have the water as hot as I can bear. With the present heatwave and the temperature outside inching towards 36C my fingers don’t need the gloves while outside.

We don’t share the vacuuming. Helvi would not know where the on/off switch on the vacuum cleaner is located nor how to empty the dust container. I have left it far too late now to change it. Helvi has her stock answer; “I do everything else.” This is so drummed into me I never even challenge anything to do with vacuuming or other duties fixed in concrete. Putting out the garbage bins, paying the bills on-line and most of the cooking, is also not to be challenged.

Of course, Helvi does all the beatifying in our lives. Our home is such a lifter of spirits, a  glorious poem in  form and beauty wherever one looks, the combination of furniture, the cushions, the books and all the odds and ends, both inside and outside.

The above photo shows a popping agapanthus outside, just like that and so all of a sudden. And then that blue bowl. It has been sitting there for years but how nice. Look at the two basil pots. How nice.   Who would think of trying to strike some Chrysanthemums from old flowers and use a wine-glass?

“It is everything else.”

A shower with croissants and Boots.

February 23, 2014


Taking a morning shower is always a good time to reflect and ponder the day ahead. It pays to give the warm water a bit of time to heat the supply source before jumping under the tap. There is nothing worse than jumping in, put the tap on prematurely and freeze to death.

Lately I wonder if I am on my ‘last’ of things. I bought a pair of RMW boots some seventeen years ago. I still polish them and use an old woollen sock to buff them up. There is nothing like the smell of boot polish on old shoes and the satisfaction of having bought a pair of boots that one still wears. They have had soles and heels put on, but the body of the boots is still intact, all strongly stitched together. Nothing like those plastic moulded shoes where they just imprint the stitching, fooling the customer in thinking they buy solid shoes. I had such a pair of cheap shoes and one of them broke in half. I used to wear those plastic shoes in combination with shiny polyester trousers.

I love buffing up my body with the same enthusiasm as old boots but sadly can’t reach some of my back parts anymore. I suggested H to give a helping hand but she said ,”fuck off, do it yourself.” ” Now, now; it doesn’t behove an upright grandma to speak like that”. What will the neighbours think? I did give her the old seductive look. She just took it as lecherous, and that did not help at all. “When is the last time you bought me flowers,” she said. “I buy flowers every week,” I replied in a firm and admonishing tone. “The Alstremerias in the vase are proof,” I added while washing myself vigorously. “Yes, but not specially for me,” she answered. “Well, it is a bit difficult to buy them just for you and not me. If you like I won’t look at them.”

This is the stage in any conversations that a wise man knows how to withdraw from. There is nothing now one can throw at the conversation that will give it a bit of balance or justice, let alone logic. I just kept on soaping with my back towards her making sure she noticed my struggle to reach my back. “Why don’t you buy a back-scrubbing-brush”? “One with a long wooden handle,” she said. “It’s just not the same as your soft hand”, I answered gently.

“Oh, its Ok, I said a bit miffed, I’ll leave my back unwashed, it’s not important, I’ll get some nice croissants from the French bakery and make a nice coffee for you after my shower, darling. A pity that I am getting beyond being able to reach my back now, but that’s life.” “I’ll get a back scrubbing brush from Aldi’s on the way home with the croissants and some flowers”, I added.

Ah well OK, I’ll do it then.”. Turn your back to me, but don’t splash” and no funny moves. I was ready for the next move. It was risky! “Why don’t you hop in and I’ll wash your back at the same time”, I offered? Two for the price of one! “No, you are a pervert, why should I?”

That last question of ‘why should I’ is usually a precursor for giving in. We know each other well. Indeed, without a further word H got undressed and hopped in. I pretended not to look and averted my eyes. It pays to just stay quiet, no more words or lecher moves now. “Alright, no funny business and no kneeling on the floor like you did last time, she said.” No, I won’t, “I just want to wash every inch of you, no good going at half mast,” I reiterated calmly.

“Just get on with it. Where is your difficult back?” “Here on the other side of my front.” “A difficult back, H? Do the front then if it is too difficult”! “You pervert”!

The croissants are almost here, dear.