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Veterans and victims of war.

November 5, 2018

IMG_0162 silvercrested cockatoo.JPG

Silver crested white peace-cockatoo.


There is a bit of a fight going on. First the news that $500.000.000 was going to be spent on extending/renovating the Canberra War Museum. Some thought it was a lot of money. I think so too. The next item set in the same league, was to give veterans a bit of leg-up when boarding aeroplanes.  A boarding priority and recognition on all flights would be given to all veterans booked on Virgin airways. Qantas is refusing to follow. All our passengers are ‘special’ Qantas announced. A chorus of protests regarding this latest news in Australia is raising its head. “Public acknowledgement of veterans during in-flight announcements is described as “embarrassing”, “tokenistic”, and “faux American”. . Many  veterans are saying they would not dream of boarding an aeroplane before anyone else.

Helvi and I visited the Canberra War museum soon after our first arrival back in 1965. While impressed, we have never felt like re-visiting. The horrors of war that were personally experienced as a child does that. Queueing up at food kitchens for potato peeling soup. Living without electricity, water or warmth for five years. The Hunger Winter of 1944/45. The sound of bombs, the shattering of windows. The bodies lying about. They are memories that still haunts today.

After WW2 the Americans did give financial help to re-build Europe. It was called the Marshall plan. If half a billion is to be spent as a consequence of wars, past and present, why not consider giving it to help re-build countries ravaged by recent wars. Countries like Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan. I sometimes wonder what we are doing there. Those millions of refugees?

Someone mentioned that a war museum reflects the soul of a nation. What about a peace museum?