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A Plucky Woman

March 26, 2011

A Plucky WomanPosted on March 26, 2011 by gerard oosterman

A Plucky Woman.

The punters predict we’ll have a change of NSW Government happening this Saturday. It should not happen, but change is ‘in the air’, the pundits are saying. In fact a ’rout’ is predicted. It has always been a mystery to me that people change political sides when it comes to Federal versus State voting. The philosophical difference between parties become secondary, and alliances or allegiances are thrown overboard at the drop of a hat or election.

Perhaps for many, the slip and slide from one to the other are chained to their ingrained notions that whoever promises the most in material wellbeing will get their vote. They, the voters, are indeed an unpredictable lot and don’t seem to have much of an idea of remaining faithful to their beliefs.

Of course, anyone with even the slightest notion of judging people would never waver when it comes in a choice between the present leaders of the NSW main parties. No matter what the past or indeed the future; it is a no-brainer. When it comes to sheer power, strength, determination and a core of unwavering strongly held beliefs, KRISTINA Keneally is heads above any other possible choice.  Despite all odds against her, she stays the course, totally un-perplexed of fazed. She is a winner even if she loses.

Most people that change their political alliances do so because they have been told by the opposition that things are bad or will become even worse if they stay with the present government. In state election, the opposition parties demonize and demolish, but rarely come with better policies. We have always known that.

Voters also sit in traffic, trains, or busses, for hours and hours, and blame the prevailing political party. They are miffed about relationships, the loss of their favorite football teams, the cost of bananas, and blame the present party.  All of a sudden though, like a conjuror pulling fifty porkers out of a hat, promises fly like pigs from all sides. The wavering voter takes it hook line and sinker and changes; vote in the party with the largest bag of promises. And so it goes…

Desperately trying to fend off stroppy feminists who seem to gravitate to insults whenever women are praised for their sex; dare I say also, that at no stage in Australian politics  has a female ever displayed the  charms and cheer pizzazz on a level of Kristina.

 Ok. Let fly now, become ropeable and give males heaps.

 She carries herself presidentially and looks into the camera without fear or hesitation. Her dress sense is superb and at no stage is she at all concerned about how she comes across. She KNOWS her stuff, walks like a model but nothing is deliberate for effect or even votes.

There is no doubt we are looking at a future premier in Kristina, if not now, next time around. That’s if she sticks around on NSW but I wouldn’t like to wager that she might cast eyes federally, if not presidentially as well. We might be running ahead here a little but…. What would Australia be like, finally taking the jump and govern on own feet, ditching the Governors and get our own Head of State?

We love royal weddings and he is a Prince Charming, but would he mind if we dumped the lot of them and go for one of our own. Kristina would be as regal as anyone. Make her a queen if you like. Better still, a future President.

We’ll watch this Saturday’s voting in NSW, (with baited breath,) but am betting Kristina will be the winner even if she loses.