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Overcoming changing service providers!

March 12, 2021


If you thought dealing with Covid 19, suffering lockdowns, cooking fresh artichokes or your relationships/marriages were difficult, nothing compares with changing Internet providers. I am only just now recovering and surviving after almost two weeks of total mayhem and incapacitation. I don’t know if I will have the will and aptitude, morally or otherwise, to do this ever again!

As always on waking up I normally go downstairs, after putting on socks, and checking the mirror if I am still around, and light up the gas and put the kettle on for a cup-o-tea. I used to have percolated coffee but wasn’t too keen on the bout of the intestinal percolating afterwards. It’s part of ageing. It is tea now but with two sugars in compensation. I have been told by my dearest Annette to try and gain more weight or at least not lose any, but she was pleased to know that since we met a couple of months ago, I put on 2.6 kilos. Love is  rich in all sorts of good ingredients and beats eating McDonalds at any time.  I now try and follow up by having generous ladles of vanilla ice-cream mixed with Greek yoghurt and a spoonful of real maple syrup before bed-time but after Netflix’s Schitt’s Creek. It all helps!

After the morning’s rituals I go and check emails and that’s when I had another notification from my new provider that I had almost used up my internet allowable usage and that my internet speed would be ‘shaped’ to 32 kbps until the start of next month’s billing period. Can you believe it? After trying to get help following the suggested help line from my new provider I was, as always, brought to a rage having to push numbers to get to the department that deals with my problem. Of course, not a single real person to get help from. I hung up and decided to fill in a ‘satisfaction’ form the new provider sent me.. I had a choice of giving stars ranging my satisfaction from 0 to 10. I filled in 4 which is ‘unsatisfied’. I was then asked to give my reason for this low evaluation. I wrote then I was ‘close to losing the will to go on’. ‘I am at breaking point’, I added.

That brought an immediate reaction from the new service provider. A nice man called BOB rang me. He had a strong accent and I guessed he might have come from an African background. He was very concerned and patiently guided me through the process of getting it all to work. It looked as if I had multiple accounts and he ever so calmly simplified everything. He was a real person, not just a button. It was all sorted out after about twenty minutes with Bob. I was so grateful and told him he was most helpful.

And that’s what makes modern life so hard. Where are the people? What happened to service from living helpers?