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The Men’s Shed of no Returns.

March 19, 2014
Double glazing in Finland

Double glazing in Finland

There has been a ruckus in my shed. The shelves in the garage were put up in ever increasing numbers. I now have spare shelves. I never seem to do things by halves. An accusation levelled at me over the years by my dearest H follows a certain tradition. This is often followed by introspection and soul searching. “You are an obsessive maniac” followed by “calm down, think a bit more about it.” She then adds, ” think it through!”

It is true that I get overly wrought up about things. I have learnt to accept that part of me which I can’t change. The shelving is but a small but pertinent example. Let me explain. The small shed called my ‘man’s shed’ (notice the singular ‘man’ and not ‘men’,) is where we store stuff un-storable inside a neat but cosy home. My shed stores items such as a lawnmower, rakes of various descriptions, shovels, a chain saw and many other tools including a circular saw, a sander, router, jigsaw and a grass snipper that is battery operated and allows to work a bit like a whipper snipper cutting grass along beams or edges. There are also various little boxes of screws, rawl plugs, balls of garden string and even an empty gas bottle, many spanners, bolt cutters, electric fence pulse reader, electric wooden beam finder for plaster walls required for banging in nails to hang pictures and lots of all sorts. Some items are not identifiable anymore, remnants of past obsessions.

So, this brought me to put up shelving in the garage away from the overfull shed. A real Man’s shed ought to be mainly for introspection and reflection and not just for listless tools or a sad unemployed chainsaw. My shed needed emptying. I followed the usual path of getting very excited about the prospect of drastic change where my shed would once again revert and become my bode for calm repose and a depository of much loved but useless empty thinking, churning hopeless and forlorn ambitions. All for future shedding. It is truly amazing how much useless thinking can be shelved.

The building of the shelves in garage followed the usual pattern. Totally over the top trips to the timber yards and more and more shelves were bolted onto the inside garage walls. I ran a gauntlet of emptying the Man’s shed while filling up the garage shelves. I stopped finally and changed over to the contemplation of double glazing the windows and sliding door inside our lounge/dining/kitchen area. Numerous quotation were obtained and the excitement reached fever pitch (again).

While winters can be chilly, Australia is no match for Finland. I spent a winter there when it got as low as -40 c. I remember walking in that cold and arriving at H’s parents farm house looking like a frost bitten Omar Sharif out of Dr Zhivago. The eyebrows coated with small cones of ice. I wanted to discover how long one could last in those sort of temperatures. H. soon embraced her Omar and brought me back from the brink. 😉

Here at our home in Australia the winters are nothing like Finland’s. I do like the idea of saving and retaining heat. Double glazing would achieve that. Of course, the idea of a cosy warmth seeping out almost immediately through lots of 4mm glass windows and door panes is disturbing for those forever drawn to the possibility of any loss. The idea of the heaters kicking in every few minutes to keep temperature to a comfy 20c. drove me to contemplating double glazing. The ceilings already have been taken care of some years ago with thermal blankets. Windows are next.

We have had three quotations. They range between $5000.- and $8000.-for about 14 sq. metres of windows and door. We will never recoup the cost but we figure that the peace and retention of comfort will make it worthwhile.

What do you reckon?