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More eggnog from soup bowls with Euthanasia clinics

October 3, 2016

Almost ThereThe Netherland’s Right To Die Movement for the over seventies has been so successful they must have a serious membership turnover. The latest push is to have Euthanasia clinics available at those retirement homes for ‘clients’ who feel they have an uncooperative doctor to sign the necessary papers.

The Right to Live movement also have a spirited body of opposing members. They are much more likely to keep their membership card. They feel the best way forward to senility is to make old-age homes more jolly. The main problem is that for many, ending up in a retirement home is not all that it is cracked up to be. Sure, some get by with the obligatory visit by children. They put off visiting the old fogey with a brave grin, to once every six weeks or so, despite the offering of a little eggnog with a demitasse spoon. At times it is just not enough to keep the old going. Some of those might wish for a way out, either six feet under ground or up through a chimney of the retort.

The Dutch retirement homes do their very best with lots of bingo, goldfish aquariums, community outings to the manicured garden of a Keukenhof, or Swan Lake concert, the twice weekly fitness events, musical soirees and fashion shows. For the oldies to stick around for a little longer is much to the joy of the Right To Live Movement. Even so, a couple of years ago The Right to Die Movement for the over seventies in The Netherlands collected over forty thousand signatures in no time. There seems to be a challenge in giving people a choice. The cost of retirements is going through the roof so one can see that the Governments world-wide would not be all that opposed to a bill giving people a choice in the matter of leaving the party a bit earlier and get a decent rest in the outback of the ‘never never.’

Just reflecting on how retirement homes in Australia are just riddled with incompetent staff. Worse, they now seem to draw on murderers filling vacancies. The oldies are left to rot in their beds.
I would not like to end up like this poor old man either.

And then last week a man was charged with the killing of three old people with overdosing them on insulin. He would text his mates alerting them on a future date when the next one would get the fatal needle.

So, really it seems a neck on neck race with either being given a choice to exit peacefully at own will, or look carefully at the needle or medication that nurse might be give you next when in need. I would not fit in with bingo, or fitness classes either and will probably end up asking for the eggnog in a soup bowl and given a large spoon.

That is enough gloom. I’ll write something more cheerful next time. Gerard.

Is this what awaits us in the final days? (for seniors)

August 30, 2016


I was hoping for a nice time when finally saying adieu to dear world. ‘It has been fun knowing you.’  ‘I always knew it would not last.’ But…this case of elderly care takes the cake.

To think that this ‘care facility’ was rewarded by extending its accreditation doesn’t surprise me. I mean, look at the care for refugees on Nauru and Manus.

I might seriously have to consider taking some Jiujutsu lessons or perhaps pack a nice gleaming 45 calibre under my pillow to teach that killer of a nurse a good lesson. There I was, dreaming of a nice kind nurse, snapping the rubber gloves, wearing an enticing smile, seductively feeding me garlic prawns or some other tasty morsel, kindly wiping my forehead or dribbling chin.

It’s all so grim-reaper stuff. Is this what awaits us in staying healthy, giving up smoking, considering others, when finally getting old and very cold?

Where are our rewards for having been so good? Do the old and dying have to install cameras now, in case of someone snuffing the life out us. Is that what might prevent a nurse from doing that? I hope to still have the presence of mind and the freedom to enjoy a friendly act of euthanasia with family, friends and Milo at my site while listening to Leonard Cohen ‘A bird on a wire.’

Patience, it all gets there at the end!