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The impetus to change in advancing years.

September 3, 2015


Of course, while young we change our minds at a moments notice. The car is packed and off we go. We might just drive, stop and camp out willy-nilly anywhere.  True, that’s what the young do. You see them overlooking the sea, scanning for good waves. The surfboards strapped on the roof racks. The girl friends clambering out of the van, stretching themselves, ready for another day. Of course, at the same time, sharks are scanning the shores for those risking dangling legs suspended just above them. It must be so tempting. For them it is just another fish.

Can you imagine an elderly couple still adventurous enough to just drive off. Yes, they do, and by the thousands. The caravan is back in favour. You now see highways riddled with cars towing caravans. It is again popular as it was in the sixties and seventies. Of course, in those days camping out was possible. Now the available ‘real’ camp-sides have mostly gone. Many caravan travellers now stop over at designated caravan parks. Acres of caravans, neck on neck. A constant stream of retirees seeking out the available toilets sprinkled between the caravan sites. There are huge cars towing not just the caravan but another smaller car with bikes strapped on at the back, and a boat on top. You would think they are planning to travel down Niagara-Falls or across the plains of Mongolia instead of planning to see The Big Banana at Coffs Harbour or the performing dolphins at Mia Monkey.

Ever since our visit to Eco-village at Currumbin in Queensland, we are mulling over the experience. Should we or should we not? A village with like-wise people. Green minded individuals in common with working towards a sustainable earth.  Isn’t that a lofty goal for people still to nurture, and at the fag-ends of their lives too? You occasionally read of magic feats achieved by very old people. A man in his late eighties jumping from a plane above the Nevada dessert, strapped on the back of a formidable large woman in her late sixties wearing huge laced up military type boots. The whole episode filmed on youth-tube (going viral)

At the same time, I am now involved in a shemozzle with our town-house compound management. Out of the blue and without a word of information it has been decided to spend $40.000,- on an exterior paint job without following normal practise of consent nor of obtaining competing quotes from other contractors. We were overseas but coming back in time for the AGM, when it was decided to change the date to a day before our return. The rule to give no less than 31 days to change the date of an AGM was totally ignored like the decision to re-paint without even a single motion put to management by the committee. In short, a litany of violations of law and regulations. Of course, I submitted a complaint to the NSW Fair Trading.  We shall see!

You can see that Eco-Village is now beckoning stronger than ever before. Even so, at our age?

Should we move? Your input will be greatly appreciated.