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The Neighbour’s cat.

February 14, 2019

001The cat

Neighbour’s cat

This is a picture of the cat that keeps the mice and rats on their qui vive at Harley’s property next door. Harley and his wife keep three chickens which he calls ‘his girls.’ I feed the chickens when they go away. In exchange, Harley, or his chickens really, allow us to keep the eggs.  We like a nice Pinot Grigio so a bottle from that grape variety gets thrown in with eggs. They are our best neighbours and gives a good break from the cyclamen thievery within our compound. It still riles us! Remember how for exchange in saving our Body-Corporate $10.000,- in obtaining a far more competitive quote for the exterior painting, we were hit by abuse and threats for us to move and sell-up, and the twice theft of our potted in beautiful ceramic containers, the oft mentioned and loved cyclamen!

But the cat is what I want to write about. Just forgive my regression on the cyclamen era. The neighbours next to us are not in the same group as the dusty frumpy relics of the past. She, a single mother, moved in a year ago or so. She has two teen-age sons, and two cats. One of the cats is the one in the above picture. It taught Milo, our Jack Russell a bitter lesson. When he saw the cat for the first time he went furious and tried to teach him a lesson amidst the summer daisies. The cat with one swipe did the job. Milo retreated with a yelp and one closed eye. He badly underestimated the stance of this mighty cat. The cat was not to be mangled with. From that moment Milo gave it due respect and no further issues arose. Milo often spends the nights outside and so do the cats. I suppose they met up again and made a truce, if not a good friendship as well. Our Milo was the best of friends with our cat on our farm before 2010.

It turned out that Milo almost lost an eyes with this single swipe from the cat. He still bears a mark on his bottom eye lid. It was that close. What astonished us is when the cat now takes naps on Milo’s outdoor sleeping blanket as shown in the picture. Milo knows and approves. All has been forgiven.

Isn’t that an example how nice it would be if people could behave like cats and dogs?

Before and after.

September 7, 2015
Lovely tangle of green

Lovely tangle of green as observed by a wise lizard.

It seems almost impossible to start a day without encountering yet another disaster. If its not a shark attack it is an attack on a garden and our diminishing wildlife or the gloomy news about refugees being stopped in Hungary by a regime which seems to have taken lessons from our own Prime minister in callous disregard for refugees. In an act of rage and desperation I tweeted being prepared to take in a Syrian family. It is the least we could do. H even suggested making a vacant lot next to our compound ready for several refugee families. What a stir that would cause amongst the burgers of the tut tut uttering Bowralnites!

We had the unfortunate experience of our neighbour returning from Newcastle to go and slash the communal garden. He does that each time he turns up. Armed by shears and electric trimmer he hoes into the bushes that have only just recovered from his last attack. He loves paling fences and exposing them. No sooner does a leaf appear on the palings, he cuts them off. Heaven only knows what he suffered during childhood. It must have been very bad. I hear that many people are fearful of bushfires and many grew up strongly opposed to the growing of nature and bushes-things in case of inciting a bush-fire. Is that true? I know that lawn cutting will soon start again. Spring does that, grass spurting up unashamedly and vigorously, tempting all and sundry to teach grass a lesson by cutting it to size. Teach grass a good lesson! I can hear the lawn-mower brigade coming.

Of course the communal garden slasher has allies. They always do. She is also a neighbour who seems to have the same penchant for taking away enjoyment of gardens and growing things. She came here a few years ago. Within weeks she took out part of the communal garden to the delight of our ‘naked-paling fence’ adoring neighbour. It remains a battle. What is it that some seem to delight in unhinging others? Ok, unhinge me. I am merely a newcomer, but why unhinge the rare and very humble sand lizard? What wrong have they done to deserve losing their natural habitat?

Endangered Lizard in our garden.

Endangered Lizard in our garden.

I wrote our neighbour a letter pointing out that enjoyment of a nice garden is no crime and asked him why he took it upon himself, together with his -co-slashers, the reason for wilfully damaging a garden and limiting the enjoyment of not just us humans but also of the poor lizards that used to live there. This was his answer;  Now, dear readers just get a little closer to the screen to get the real and rare insight into the mindset of garden-haters and I copy…….’Even though I don’t live here it is my right to maintain the  VALUE of MY PROPERTY……’   Now, there you have it. The unvarnished truth straight from the horse’s mouth. It finally came out. It had to happen.

Before the slashing

Before the slashing

Of course, the neighbours  slashing the garden are also those that are foisting a debt on others in pushing for the unnecessary re-paint job. There is a shortfall in the sinking-fund of at least twenty thousand. I applied to The Fair Trading Tribunal to seek redress.

And after the slashing. (The love of paling fences)

And after the slashing.
(The love of paling fences)

We shall see.