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The New York steak makes US all good.

September 7, 2014

imagesNewYork steak

There is nothing more unreliable than the memories of writers. Remind them of what they wrote last year and they will vehemently deny it. Such is their hold on facts. No sooner have they put down their feeble thoughts and their mind’s shredder takes over and it all ends up into oblivion. Forgetfulness is their raison d’être for writing things down. Forget about vivid evocative pictures as absolute truth.

That’s why my posting the link to Dutch Professor’s Cees Hamelink’s ‘Apology to Putin’ ought to be taken in the same obscure vein. He might well fall in the category of being a nutcase. His writings as short-lived as a fly spinning around on the floor in a last frenzy. It is my own default position; Why not those of others?

Even so, I don’t think America was all that pleased with Mr Fidel Castro either, perched on their side of the world. I have some sympathy for Putin being chagrined about sharing a border with a Pro-West leaning country. Can you imagine the Golden arched Big M in front of the St Petersburg’s Winter Palace?

I am sure the US was miffed with the leftists governments in South America. I have seen enough Oliver Stone movies to consider that the victims of Pinochet, the uprisings of Nicaragua by the Sandinistas, many of the Latin Countries, opposed by the CIA and their induced bloody adventures, would far outweigh anything that has happened so far in the Ukraine. Don’t get me going on Colombia and their past pro US dictators. Garcia Marquez wrote all about that.

It is after all Father’s day.

As early as yesterday I was treated and feted as a good father. I chose New York Steak with peppery sauce. It was fabulous and America is the best country in the world. I haven’t had such a lovely meal for a long time. Sorry vegetarians, I admit to liking a meaty dinner but as a concession and feeble purgatory aim, I have also doubled my vegie and fish intake.

Before plunging in the details of New York Steak, I believe it is known as Porterhouse in England and in Australia. It is the short loin section at the back of the cow. I suppose ‘New York’ steak adds weight and ..above all prestige…Some of my best friends are American and I have always revered New York ,even considered visiting it many times.

An impression once caught sometimes lingers forever while others end into oblivion. I am sure that my New York steak with peppery sauce has now made me benevolent, even more determined to visit that lovely country. We might even go far South to partake in a piece of grilled, honey glazed honest Kansas Steak.
How about that?
It’s delight will last forever.

Vale Maria Garcia Marquez

April 18, 2014
Maria Garcia Marquez

Maria Garcia Marquez

Vale Maria Garcia Marquez.
One of the best.
“I grew up in a country were magic and dreams are everyday possibilities”.
The epic novels including ,’One Hundred Years of Solitude and Love in the Time of Cholera’.
Is Australia also a country of magic and dreams or more of country of real estate dreams with acres of colour-bond and endless ribbons of bitumen Rosella Circuits lined with McMansions?

Maria Garcia Marquez: From ‘Love in the time of Cholera’.
“One night, Fermina is awakened by the music of a lone violin playing the same waltz over and over again. The following morning, Lorenzo Daza expresses curiosity about the violin music; he could not tell for which house it had been intended, nor what the same piece repeated symbolizes. Aunt Escolástica explains that she had seen a solo violinist standing on the opposite side of the park, and that a single piece repeated indicates severed relations. Florentino explains in that day’s letter that he had in fact been the musician, and that he had written the waltz, which he titled Crowned Goddess, for Fermina. He and Fermina arrange for him to play in other locations where she can hear him without fear of exposure. On one occasion, Florentino is arrested after he is accused of being a spy who sends messages via his serenades. He spends three nights in jail, and feels martyred because he has suffered for love.”