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A nail biting walk back to Central Station

January 24, 2017


Almost ThereWith the submissions of my literary Magnum Opus¬† ūüėČ ¬†to the State Library having been satisfied, the saga continues. The books might not equal the Finnish Kalevala, but it might well¬†be looked¬† upon so¬†by future Oosterman¬†generations. The Kalevala is to Finland what the Sydney¬†Opera House and cricket¬†is to Australia.

After a short but important break at Myers with feet suitably shod in Velcro strapped sandals, our epic journey continued. My refrain “I am very hungry now,” was responded by, “yes, I have heard it three times now, we will go to Queen Victoria building.” Myers is connected below groundlevel to Queen Victoria building as well as¬†to the Town Hall subway¬†rail station and numerous other shopping Meccas. The changes happening in Sydney are¬†fast and furious. The speed by which people now walk is astounding, or, is it my own¬†speed that is slowing? The Sydney below ground level is at least as large and fast¬†as the above ground Sydney.

After arrival we climbed up out of the bowels of the¬†underground and¬†into the basement of The Queen Victoria building.¬† We climbed to the top floor and soon found a restaurant that seemed to¬†serve food with enough customers still eating at 3.30pm¬† installing enough confidence¬†we would be sold a good and hearty lunch. This top floor has such inclusive and luxurious shops, rumours have it that Lucy Turnbull ( The wife of our Prime Minister)¬†buys her handbags and other accoutrements there. Normal shoppers avoid the top floor except perhaps those dreamers that are on the cusp of yet discovering that money doesn’t bring happiness. ( neither does happiness bring money) We just¬†averted our eyes and only opened them¬†to study the menu.

We watched a recent documentary about Queen Victoria. She was quite a tyrant and a cruel women. She had nine children and hated anything to do with productivity. There is a very stern bronze statue outside The Queen Victoria Building. She looks fierce and I became a bit scared looking at it even after all those years. She had the penis chopped off from a copy of Michelangelo’s David statue.

After that late lunch with a cool beer, we made our way back to the Central Railway station. The walk of that day would have totalled perhaps 8/10 kilometres. We did not even feel tired. I suppose proof the success of that day. It was exciting. Which made me think, as I have a want to, in reflecting a move back to Sydney. But, we like living here in Bowral. We don’t get the humidity or the heat. Above all, in Sydney’s real estate world¬†one would not get much change out of¬† $1.5 million for a modest town-house.

We decided to do the trip more often. The train journey takes almost two hours with the fast train a bit slower than the slow train. But the fast but slower train does have better seats and the buffet. On the way home I ordered a delicious sausage roll. It was hot and flaky. We arrived back  just after 8pm with fading light.

A good and memorable day.