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Covid and the demise of our democracy sausage…

May 21, 2022

Here at the above podcast is another point of view and not from a rabid antivaxxer but from a Professor of economics. Her name is Gigi Foster. She claims that the Lockdown and the resulting economic chaos was the result of not properly costing the results of lockdown and was done in a hurry mainly driven by the medical profession and often without any thought of the damage on health and wellbeing for those suffering the effects of having to shut down and isolate for weeks on end. The psychological costs were not evaluated and according to the professor had all the marks of a political aim to control the ‘crowd’.

I will leave it to you to make up your mind but the podcast is well worth listening to. She is certainly very convincing in her argument that all the Covid and associated lockdowns was a form of hysteria.

I am more concerned that as a result of the Covid lockdowns we now have a debt of a trillion dollars. which in numerals is $1,000,000,000,000 dollars. I went around the local voting booth this morning to claim my democracy sausage as I had made a pre-poll vote a couple of weeks ago and they were not handing out sausages as yet. To my total chagrin, they, the government in its wisdom, is now not giving the free sausage with onions and barbeque sauce anymore. It cost me three dollars!

People were milling around with clenched fists totally disappointed. The girl handing out the ‘un’ democratic sausages was almost in tears with having to break the bad news. The government wants to start lowering the debt and isn’t it typical that the working man and his free sausage once every three years is now at the forefront of tackling this huge debt? Never mind the billions spent on US submarines after a breach of contracts with the French? The claim by our finance minister that people were abusing the free sausage by driving from polling booth to polling booth for extra sausages sounded like a desperate man clinging to the wreckage of his government,


Tonight I will watch the results coming in and I hope we will have a change of government by around 8 o’clock.

I bought some frankfurters and a bottle of Shiraz.