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Making for change. (Get rid of shock jocks)

December 15, 2011

Dear Gerard,
Kyle Sandilands is a shock jock — in fact, he’s paid to be offensive. So when he called a journalist a “fat slag” and threatened to “hunt her down”, he probably expected the online and media storm that exploded to quickly blow over like it had in the past.
He was wrong.

Immediately after his bullying comments, recent graduate Emily Hehir started a petition calling on advertisers to boycott his show. What followed was an incredible 30,000 signatures, a mass exodus of over 60 major advertisers, huge budget losses for Sandilands’ radio station, and relentless media pressure. Finally, last Friday, Sandilands and his radio station were forced to issue a formal, humble apology.

And while he’ll be back next year, it’s clear that Kyle, his radio station, and everyone in broadcast media have seen what happened when he went too far.

Together, Australians have shown that society won’t tolerate abuse, bullying and misogyny from those who have a voice in the media. In fact, it’s now clear that tens of thousands will act against any individuals, stations, sponsors or advertise rs who explicitly or implicitly support this behaviour.

Emily’s campaign has now been covered by The Age, SMH, The Australian, the Daily Telegraph, the Herald Sun, Channel 10’s The Project, Channel 7 Nightly News and hundreds more. It has cost Sandilands’ radio station an estimated $10 million in lost revenue. Holden, Vodafone, Telstra, The Good Guys and over sixty other companies pulled their advertising from the show.

You can bet hosts, stations, sponsors and advertisers have taken notice.

The success of this campaign is a sign of something different that’s beginning to happen all over Australia.Every day, people are taking a stand on local and national issues that matter to them — and they’re winning.

Like Emily, you can start a campaign on something you care about through at any time. Start your own campaign by clicking here — or see below for petitions others have started that need support right now.

Thanks for being part of this,

Nathan and the team.

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