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Baked vegetables and the Rejection of Crown Casino.

February 10, 2021

IMG_1003 meat balls

It was a surprise for me to hear that one can bake vegetables. I have baked legs of lamb, chickens, stews and cakes but never contemplated doing that to vegetables. Of course, lately I eat most thing raw including vegetables. Some time ago I steamed vegetables to a semi raw stage and before that I boiled my vegies.

Doctors  often praise the Mediterranean diet which has raw vegetables and fish as main staples. I now am drawn to this diet as well, but since discovering baking vegetables I now am hooked. I add nice sesame or other nut extracted oils to give it taste. One can buy packets of ready to bake vegetables and for someone living by themselves it is a good solution. Buying each vegetable separately might work out cheaper but it also creates waste. Nothing worse than slicing a limp carrot or mushy zucchini!  I found the reason for a strange smell coming from my fridge when discovering a grey almost fossilized stalk of celery, a lonely end for it, for sure and not fair for the celery which I had bought in good faith and for eating!.

The next bit of excitement I want to share is the demise of a billion dollar gambling emporium planned in a prominent but ugly foreshore building at Barangaroo, Sydney, and euphemistically called,  ‘James’s Pecker’ . It does spring images of a penis when looked at this monstrosity from a certain angle and relates to one of the main owners, James Packer.

Image result for barangaroo casino

A judgement, after a lengthy inquiry, found that the organization behind this enterprise was not fit to hold a gambling license. I am not sure that gambling licenses should exist at all. Is there anyone who can see any benefits to mankind in gambling? OK, the occasional lottery ticked or a chook raffle, but actual gambling? The word ‘gambling license’ seems not far removed from a robbing license or theft. Murder next?

Australia holds 20% of the world’s poker machines, the highest per capita! Over 20 billion gets gambled away each year, and experts equate Australia’s gambling fascination on the same level as guns in the US. It is estimated that 400 suicides occur annually in Australia as a direct result of gambling addictions. Some say that individual responsibility is what should prevail. But… it obviously doesn’t work. The above figures show that it is addictive for many and it becomes like a disease.

Well, we seem to treat Covid with great enthusiasm, keep thousands of people in quarantine even with just a single case of Covid, yet we treat gambling as if it is somehow part of a normal life and too bad if it kills. Is it just a consequence of a person’s own lack of responsibility?  Often it is not.

Let’s ban poker machine gambling.