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Cruelty unimaginable.

January 26, 2022


Canstruct has been awarded $218.5m to provide six months of ‘garrison and welfare services’ on Nauru as 107 people are held on the Pacific island. Photograph: Rémi Chauvin/The Guardian

Good morning. Australia’s offshore processing regime on Nauru will cost taxpayers nearly $220m over the next six months. 

Australia’s offshore processing regime on Nauru will cost taxpayers nearly $220m over the next six months as it holds 107 people on the Pacific island. Brisbane firm Canstruct International has been awarded a new extension – its eighth non-competitive contract extension – for $218.5m to provide six months of “garrison and welfare services” on Nauru. The company’s total revenue from island contracts over the past five years now totals more than $1.8bn. It currently costs Australian taxpayers more than $4m a year to hold one person within the Nauru offshore regime – a little over $11,000 per person per day.

As most of you will know the people on Nauru are refugees that arrived by boats many years ago. They are not ‘illegals” as this foul government has tried make us believe. Anyone has the right to seek asylum. The UNHCR has tried for years to seek justice for those people now in limbo year after year under awful conditions. The Government under the ploy of ‘keeping Australia safe’ has used it to win votes and they have been successful by using a frightening prospect of an armada of thousands scrambling over our shores and taking our land and women from us, the good law abiding citizens safely nestled in our endless suburbs and welcoming arms of our RSL clubs and the reassuring tinkling of pokies and galloping race-horses.

Of course, they cunningly don’t tell you that those boat-people trying to flee the horrors back home became refugees because of our useless, wasteful wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, the same as we did to Vietnamese people many years ago. Australia was a friendlier country then.

The problem too is that when it comes to refugees and immigrants the Courts are not the highest authority. It is in the hands of a single person, the minister for migration. He has the power to overturn Court orders. A strange way but this dates back to 1989 and a man called Robert Ray who seemed to have brought that Court overriding law into effect with much greater effect.

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So, when the UNHCR and others try and mitigate on behalf of those asylum seekers on Nauru and other places of detention to seek permanent residency in Australia, the Courts are not in charge. It is the minister of immigration.

This Government needs chucking out.

It’s the only way.

The long lost Leek. (for Seniors)

August 16, 2016

The long lost Leek for potato-bake

The long lost Leek for potato-bake

There comes a time that a lost leek is the only way out for seeking relief from life’s unrelenting savagery. I mean our Minister for Immigration has stated that, “some refugees have resorted to self-immolation in order to get a foothold in Australia.”

The release by The Guardian newspaper of several thousands of complaints about the conditions of refugees on Manus and Nauru seems to have caught the attention overseas but hardly made the media here in Australia. Children are right now being sexually assaulted, as are the adults.

What a fate. My parents came here for the children’s future. I can still hear my dad saying that to his own family of brothers and sisters before our departure from Holland. He might have had some trepidation. His own family thought it a somewhat dangerous and foolish choice. Has it turned out to be a mistake? I am ashamed of my adopted country now. I even took on the Australian Nationality. I remember the ceremony at Sydney’s town-hall with getting a cup-o-tea and an Arnott’s biscuit from the Salvos, together with my Australian Nationality Certificate.

Australia has stopped dog racing as being cruel but seems unwilling to give the same consideration to refugees warehoused on Nauru and Manus.

The potato bake is one way of coping. I rummaged around the bottom of the fridge and found a long-lost leek and some lonely and somewhat wrinkled carrots. A potato-bake sprung to mind. I sautéed some onions and mixed that with fried bacon after which I mixed in about 250grams of frozen spinach. Get real spinach NOT silver-beet. In an olive-oiled baking dish I put layers of thinly sliced potato interspersed with the sliced long lost leek and cut thinly the lonely carrots. Spoon over this some of the bacon-spinach-onion mixture followed by grated Parmesan cheese. Of course, oregano is obligatory as well.

The leek had actually started to grow inside the fridge with the inner rings bravely sprouting forward bypassing the outer rings. I used four freshly bought potatoes. This whole lot is now given a baptism of three cupful of milk and sour cream. with the leek, spinach, onion and carrots layered with a final dosage of cheese on top is put in a pre-heated oven at about 200c for fifteen minutes. This gives it an irresistible crust. Turn oven down to 150C for about one hour.

One can forgive or at least momentarily forget all the problems by eating this lovely but modest dish. I do hope some of you will get respite. (Try and not think of our Migration Minister, Dutton, when slicing the leek)