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A severed Head in good Word order

January 16, 2013


Writing words in a reasonable order.

The first thing in writing is to start with a word which you follow up with another word. Usually the first word suggests the next one. It is best not to start off with a word plan that would prevent the freedom to change as you go along. It mustn’t be too preconceived. That would stifle the creativity of things that words are capable off. You wouldn’t know how words behave once they have been put in view. I mean, you can have certain words in mind but on reading those words it might just not always work out. It’s a bit of a mystery, but that’s the power of words for you.

“Head,” here is a first word. “Head found”, might be the next. Was it yesterday I read someone found a head in a plastic bag? The horror of an eleven year old girl finding a severed head in a plastic bag will be a difficult memory to overcome. Can you imagine? Poor girl. Why is it that lately we seem to read so many of those strange stories of murder and mayhem? I mean, a severed head accidentally could be possible, but a head in a plastic bag seems to have something deliberate about it. I mean man-made deliberation. I can’t really get to ‘woman made’, I really can’t imagine a woman capable of doing something like that, even though packing things in plastic bags might be more the domain belonging to the female sex.

Heaven knows how long the head had been in the plastic bag but police, after staring at it for a long time, seemed to have recognized something familiar about it. Something about the glint of those eyes perhaps?  At first they couldn’t put their finger to it, but there was something, just something about it. You wonder how they viewed the head. Did they put it on a desk wedged in between a couple of weights preventing it from rolling around? Perhaps it was adorned with ear-rings. How did they determine the sex of the head?  So many questions, so many answers, all related to this gruesome object of a body-less head. For me it seems difficult to imagine a head without a body. Sure, I have seen paintings of heads being held, usually triumphantly aloft, but curiously mainly in biblical scenes. The power of the sword, because those scenes, if I remember correctly, usually showed a man with the dripping head in one hand and a cutting implement in the other.  Is there also not a famous scene of a head presented on a serving platter?

As a child it held enormous fascination and I was captivated by the scene for many years. I would contemplate if it was possible to be still alive, even for just a split second, after the head was cut off. What exactly was the precise point of death? Could the eyes still see, just for a short second afterwards, or did everything look black? I vividly remember at history lessons and the French Robespierre being led, oh so deliciously and so finally, to the guillotine with the women in the audience, comfortably seated, cheering on, while some were knitting booties for their babies.

Can you imagine?