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The running of the Shoppers has started.

December 14, 2017



IMG_20171013_172328~2 The pansiesThere I was, foolishly hoping that Christmas shopping  would now be done on-line. I rubbed hands in glee when Frank Lowy announced his Westfield Emporiums had been sold. A canny man, I thought. Perfect timing. Shopping malls are on the nose. People shop in their lonely room from a dusty computer. The instant split second excitement at the push of a button.

A few weeks ago at a huge shopping complex in Campbelltown I noticed that shops were half empty. Many seemed to mull around the food hall grazing out of paper plates and sipping luridly coloured slushies out of gallon sized polystyrene buckets. I figured already then that many now shop on-line. Eating was the only thing still somewhat difficult to do on-line

With the advent of Amazon, dire predictions were made, spelling the end of traditional shopping. However, this morning’s trip to a local supermarket ‘Farmer’s Market’ undid my theory. It had all the hallmarks of shoppers in a frenzy. Jaws were being tightened and the trolleys were wrenched out of their coin operated locking devices with more than just a bit of intolerance towards other shoppers trying to free a trolley. One can pick up those signs. It was the same last year. Kids are being smacked and items are being bought in totally unjustifiable numbers with the excuse they might come in ‘handy’ or ‘ just in case.’ I overheard one husband begging his wife not to buy the triple smoked ham, ‘we chucked it out last year,’ he said.

I noticed one shopper on one bare knee digging at floor level trying to get to the back of a mountain of large hams which were for sale at $ 8.- a kilo. The hams themselves were massive as was the exposed thigh of the other knee poking up. Hams at the back are the freshest, she stated firmly. Other shoppers would no doubt follow her and do the same. Some years ago, I lost my mobile phone. It was found at the back of lettuces. I remember doing that trick of digging at the back of the lettuces hoping for the freshest and must have lost my mobile there. It was when I rang my phone that a shopper answered it. She must have been so surprised.

The Government is on holidays till February. That is one of the best presents this nation was given. This should undo some of the pre-Christmas tension and help calm us down.

All the best, dear readers. Enjoy the holiday and stay sane.