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Wagyu is the latest.

August 11, 2014


It is amazing how fast words and phrases travel and become part of a fleeting but popular vernacular. Years ago, in Australia, we had blokes and sheilas. Now it is guys for all sexes, including the indeterminate (third sex), who are now so indicated on their birth certificates and passports.

I remember the rage of everything having ‘logistics’. Every advertising sign had ‘logistics’ tucked in somewhere. Trucks used to race past me on the M2 with Logistics written with large lettering on their canvas hoods. It did not take long and it was followed hot on the heels with ‘solutions’. ‘Logistical solutions’ was so popular it took the world by storm. There were no problems anymore; only solutions. Our local butcher in Marulan started selling meat solutions. Divorce lawyers were keenly sought offering ‘solutions’ and fruit laden semi-trailer were hurtling past offering Queensland Pineapple Logistical Solutions.

Of course amongst the young, including some being almost comatose by their addiction to IT mobility, had ‘stuff like that’ and ‘I like that shit’ with ‘awesome’ well ingrained as well.

Lately, many politicians,especially amongst those keen on dehumanising boat people or the oppressed minorities, are now deeply immersed in learning a new catch phrase of being on a ‘humanitarian mission’ often indicating their support for the dead but not so much for the living. They fly off almost daily to somewhere but always on ‘humanitarian missions’ their faces flushed with a righteous fervour, hoping voters will be taken in with their faux intent of spreading sweetness and goodness, instead of the reality of fanning world’s discords and hatreds. ( not heard much of dropping food parcels over Gaza)

But getting to the latest Wagyu. It used to be good old Angus Beef used in ham burgers. Not anymore. Out of nowhere it has morphed into Wagya beef. Restaurants are quick to print off new menues. The much revered Angus beef has now staled.
It is now Wagya beef. It has taken us by storm.