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The unbearable sadness of the silkworm moth.

January 17, 2020

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As I was ironing my Ralph Lauren shirt for the second time, after patching the inside of the torn sleeve as well as the outside, it occurred to me, that the softness of this shirt could meant it might have been woven from silk. Can one imagine wearing a silk shirt? I checked on the back of the collar but it tells me curtly; 100% cotton, Made in China! At least it was made in a country where the silk industry preceded that in the west by more than two thousands years before the Christian calendar, under the rule of emperor Huangh Ti. who assigned his wife, His-ling-shi, to devise a scheme whereby she take the silkworms into her own garden in which the necessary Mulberry trees were growing in great numbers.

This then marked the beginning of an industry that propelled China to be synonymous with an inexhaustible wealth of silk. Merchants in silk would travel the heights and widths of Asia selling the products of that small mulberry leaf eating insect as if their lives depended on it. Well, of course the insects did and it was by no little efforts of the many following empresses who took the task of manually feeding the worms knowing full well that they in a very short time turn they would perform the metamorphosis needed to become the cocoon where within another short period it became a moth. Each cocoon holds a mile long thread of silk. Can you imagine the joy of the moth when it finally breaks free to conquer the world and able to fly and get away from those bloody mulberry trees and empresses?

That’s what I thought too…but it has a sad ending. When the moths leave it seems that all they are interested in is mating. They have special antenna which tells them who is male or female. They just live long enough to mate. The male after mating sinks into a deep and very melancholic mood and no amount of counsel helps. He dies deeply depressed almost within the post coitus languor. The female still scurries along a bit with just enough time to lay her,  hopefully fertilised eggs, several hundreds of them. She then passes as well.

As a passing note, I seem to remember that the silk industry was guarded by China for thousands of years and it was on punishment of death if anyone informed other empires of the secrets of this amazing silk worm moth, known today as the Bombyx mori.  Legends have it that the secrets of the silk worm was introduced by two Persian friars during the Byzantine Emperor Justinian reign. The cocoons were smuggled inside the hollows of their walking canes. Both friars had worked and lived in China for a long time and knew where the magic of silk came from.

So, there you have it, friends. It seems the sole purpose of the silkworm moth is to propagate and nothing more. One keeps wondering if a male Silk worm moth decides to stay celibate. Would that choice prolong his life? It might be prudent to investigate. The same of course for the female, except she might still be burdened by her eggs, infertile as they may well be.

So much to discover.



ALP Party politics no more.

July 17, 2014


If ever there is an incentive to resign from a political party it would have to be meeting the people that are running them. I thought I would dip my toes in the water and some three months ago, again decided to join the Local Branch of the Australian Labour Party here in the Southern Highlands.

Some many years ago I belonged to the same party but let it lapse when the monthly meetings seemed to be mainly about protocol, pre-selection fights or endless passing of minutes of previous meetings contested by some. It seemed to drag on forever. The ennui was overwhelming. Almost as bad as watching cricket.

Having just gone to my second meeting and having had some discourse with one of the leaders I have decided to give it a miss again. There is nothing worse than trying to regain of what has passed. I have resigned from the ALP but am considering now joining the Greens. At least they are concerned about the dreadful plight of refugees and more importantly the state of our planet. The old ALP stalwart warrior that I had admired but from a distance, turned out to be nothing but a huge disappointment at closer range.

He, the ALP leader always had his critics, especially after he wrote a book.

A major self absorbed ageing shadow of earlier years. Perhaps he was always like that but I was just taken in by a kind of Stockholm syndrome. He might well have always been the Emperor without clothes. A man now obsessed with taking revenge at the political world he once resided in and which now, no doubt, affords him a handsome pension.. A master of endless rants and boring rhetoric steeped in the past.

Good riddance and goodbye ALP.

Moses, Sinners and the Ten commandments.

February 13, 2014


When Moses thundered down Mount Sinai hurling his Ten Commandments (cast in stone) at all sinners, I was glued to my seat. I already, at age sixteen, was a severe repeat sinner, despite or because my mother’s warning years earlier to keep my hands above the blankets. Curiosity got the better of me.

What better to keep hands warm during icy winters than between your own legs and underneath the blankets? Of course, with a newly discovered and voluptuous Mrs Hormonal Rage knocking on boys teen years, one would have to be of the ascetics’, sitting inside a mountain cave contemplating the beauty of other ‘nothingness.’ genre, to resist what came naturally. I was not. A tug every-now-and then, et voila, the rest is history. I became a terrific and very enthusiastic sinner.

I think it might have been in Burwood’s Emperor cinema here in Australia in the form of the magic of Paramount Pictures’ 1956 widescreen VistaVision Biblical epic The Ten Commandments of Charles Heston. I crushed all my crisp chips in it’s bag from sheer nervous excitement. So did many others. Boy, did the sinners take a beating? Was I already then getting a free ride in atonement by vicariously enjoying others being punished but not me? I remained Scot free, despite all my sinning. I, feverously became all woozy having paid for my ticket to the ‘Emperor Cinema’ and watching in a quasi religious indignant torpor the ‘real sinners’ getting their heads sliced off. Yet, I stayed alive! Were my sins not real? So much for church religion.

There is nothing more invigorating and cleansing than watching others getting punished, especially on the big screen. I remember earlier on, watching many episodes of Rin Tin Tin whereby in nail biting fashion someone always would cop the arrow or bullet. Later on came cowboy movies. Again the baddies got a knocking even if it meant that the goodies kept appearing being chased around the same set of rocks. Who cares? The cinema was roaring with the caddie and his tray doing a roaring trade as well.

I know now that for sheer excitement, those early big screen movies were tops. Often, there were two movies for the price of one. I’ll never forget at some cinemas a Hammond organ rising majestically up from below the bowels of the cinema. A smiling man dressed not unlike Liberace (squishing atop a wedding cake) would then set the mood with a slow Strauss waltz or something from Rodger’s and Hammerstein. It became an apparition as real, as religious, as worthwhile and as good as a Moses running down the mountain even without the ten commandments…

I decided then and there to watch proceedings in the world of love and sex for a while, slowly my conscience and awareness became sceptical of mortal sin and eternal hell-fire, especially later on with my hands tucked between thighs and legs not my own. What a revelation. It has never ceased to amaze.

It was all so terrific.