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The most unfortunate frog in my kitchen sink.

December 29, 2020


Just when everything was going so well and feeling unusually happy, I came across a dead frog in my kitchen sink. After getting out of bed, I usually after a run to the toilet,  put on socks. It is the first thing I do, followed by going downstairs to make a cup of tea and start my washing up. I reverted to handwashing dishes despite several people including my daughter, pleading with me to try the dishwasher. I followed their advice only to go back to handwashing as soon as friends and family have shut the door homewards bound. I love handwashing. There is something sensual about the feel of soapy water running through the fingers.

As I was rinsing and somewhat absentmindedly playing around with small plates, forks and little spoons my mind went to some very caring text messages exchanged the previous night with a newly found friend , very female friend. The kitchen sink is the perfect place for the absentminded. The view outside to my garden is glorious and of course, even without a view, to be absent ought always be something to strive for. If only it was a subject of study at schools and universities instead of that mindless football with a malformed oblong ball…together with hollow finance and economics studies. What good has that done to the world?   

Of course, my raison d’etre for being above the sink had finally to be reckoned with and the washing up be finished. I was vaguely aware of something floating about in the water, especially after I drained the sink. To my horror and utter surprise, there was a frog in my sink. A listless frog, a dead frog. I could not believe it. How did it get there?

After questioning a few people including a well know marine biologist, the answer was that the frog most likely had hopped inside my house during the night and clambered up the kitchen cupboard and into the sink, where no doubt, it sheltered between some of the plates and cutlery within a nice and moist environment. It must have felt safe. I always leave the door open for my dog Milo to do his ablutions at night. We are both getting older and into more frequent bouts of needing a toilet. We sometimes run into each other, Milo downwards and me straight across the bedroom to my toilet. Milo has the temerity to push and go first before me.

I felt bad because I filled the sink with hot water and must have burnt and drowned the poor frog. What a horrible thought. The expert marine biologist told me frogs are good climbers and have suction pads on their feet enabling them to even clamber up porcelain toilet bowls, laminated surface.

As a consolation he said my garden must be attracting frogs and that with the copious rains pelting down the last few weeks, must have been provided a good place for this frog. He said; ‘you are providing a good ecology’.

As for my female friend, we met and it is so lovely now. I am so absentminded, floating almost.