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The words resume.

April 3, 2016


]The book ‘Almost There’ did go through its final reading and corrections. Many commas have gone or re-appeared, and images and photos centred. The syntax is still chaotic and a bit odd (according to my daughter), but so be it! After two more letters from the publisher, I pressed the magic button. It is now resting somewhere in London on the Canary Wharf. Who would have thought? A ‘board’ of editors might well be sitting around the oblong shaped mahogany table and pore over its lines and word order right now. Did I hear the popping of the champagne?

I am now half way through compiling another one. With over close to a million words embedded in WordPress, surely there has to be another seventy thousand words or so that can be picked up for another bite at the cherry and give a modest contribution to faithful readers in the form of a tangible book? It is so re-assuring that if all publishing efforts fail I can simply go through the CreateSpace and Amazon kindle process and pay up the lolly for doing an ‘Indie.’ I was totally mystified about this Indie word till I learned recently that it stands for independent self funded publishing.

Things are tough for publishing and when one thinks that only about one manuscript in a hundred gets published one understands that publishers get very choosy on what to publish. They must get so frustrated in trying to pick a winner. I can imagine most editors would just give most manuscripts a glance for a second or so before dumping it. I think a loud yawn is probably more likely than the popping of champagne.

However, Two Roads of the UK, whose Chief Editor is Lisa Highton, helped publish a winner. It is ‘Ruby’ by Cynthia Bond. course, the guarantee to a best seller is an interview by Oprah Winfrey which happened. She gave Cynthia and her book a rave review, comparing her with Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Can it get any better?