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Fires and Drought

January 3, 2020


TheĀ  driveway to Rivendell 2003 with our grandson Max on his bike ( all green with thriving poplars.)



IMG_0370 bushfire at rivendell

The same driveway of Rivendell, a few days ago. 1-1-2020

The whole world now knows how Australia is in the grip of dreadful fires and a seemingly never ending and heartbreaking drought. But, more importantly, the world now also knows that Australia is lagging in doing something to avoid those catastrophes in the future by tackling the reasons for those disasters, and that is climate change.

Australia emits more than twice as much pollution per person as do similar countries elsewhere.

I thought of showing you in pictures how the drought and fires have effected our environment.


Here our two grandsons riding their bikes through the causeway of the Wollondilly river that our farm had a 1km frontage to. Things were lush and green. (Dec.2004) Plenty of water!

untitledpizza oven

Our Pizza oven at Rivendell.

Here a picture of some of the garden next to the our farm. (2003)



The Wollondilly river running alongside our farm (2010)


the old convict cottage

Old Australian cottage.

Here the old convict build cottage that was also part of Rivendell property and made into a B&B


w800-h533-2008019426_7_pi_150224_081333 The rivendell lounge room with fireplace

The living room at Rivendell.



Fire and smoke. That little yellow spot is the sun during mid-day.

And yet, our Government is loath to tackle climate-change. Our prime mister is an ardent believer in burning coal and even took a lump of it into parliament.