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Is this what awaits us in the final days? (for seniors)

August 30, 2016


I was hoping for a nice time when finally saying adieu to dear world. ‘It has been fun knowing you.’  ‘I always knew it would not last.’ But…this case of elderly care takes the cake.

To think that this ‘care facility’ was rewarded by extending its accreditation doesn’t surprise me. I mean, look at the care for refugees on Nauru and Manus.

I might seriously have to consider taking some Jiujutsu lessons or perhaps pack a nice gleaming 45 calibre under my pillow to teach that killer of a nurse a good lesson. There I was, dreaming of a nice kind nurse, snapping the rubber gloves, wearing an enticing smile, seductively feeding me garlic prawns or some other tasty morsel, kindly wiping my forehead or dribbling chin.

It’s all so grim-reaper stuff. Is this what awaits us in staying healthy, giving up smoking, considering others, when finally getting old and very cold?

Where are our rewards for having been so good? Do the old and dying have to install cameras now, in case of someone snuffing the life out us. Is that what might prevent a nurse from doing that? I hope to still have the presence of mind and the freedom to enjoy a friendly act of euthanasia with family, friends and Milo at my site while listening to Leonard Cohen ‘A bird on a wire.’

Patience, it all gets there at the end!