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The Agapanthus.

December 29, 2018




Certain domestic duties are shared between both of us. Washing-up is one of them. We have a dishwasher but we both decided that the effort in using it was more than just doing it by hand. Lately I do this chore more than H. as it warms my hands. As you all know, we are both on medications, some we share but all kept in different pill boxes. One has ‘Helvi’ and the other ‘Gerard’ written on. My pill-box is much bigger. (as it should)

One of the pills is giving me very cold hands. The quack reckons he sees those suffering from that condition rarely. He looked at my hands which I had gloved in Arctic gloves. The gloves are black and very solid, bought at great expense from the R.M Williams shop here in Bowral just around the corner from the CBA bank.  The cardiologist looked at my fingers and clicked with his tongue. I asked, should I be alarmed? He reassured me. ‘It is due to a medication that calms down your heart’, he said while looking at my list of medications. ‘Just keep wearing your gloves when your fingers turn white or show signs of distress. Fortunately, the cold fingers only last between about 10am and 2 pm when the drug starts to wear off. I am not sure how fingers are supposed to show distress.

Of course, when I wash up I don’t wear the gloves and have the water as hot as I can bear. With the present heatwave and the temperature outside inching towards 36C my fingers don’t need the gloves while outside.

We don’t share the vacuuming. Helvi would not know where the on/off switch on the vacuum cleaner is located nor how to empty the dust container. I have left it far too late now to change it. Helvi has her stock answer; “I do everything else.” This is so drummed into me I never even challenge anything to do with vacuuming or other duties fixed in concrete. Putting out the garbage bins, paying the bills on-line and most of the cooking, is also not to be challenged.

Of course, Helvi does all the beatifying in our lives. Our home is such a lifter of spirits, a  glorious poem in  form and beauty wherever one looks, the combination of furniture, the cushions, the books and all the odds and ends, both inside and outside.

The above photo shows a popping agapanthus outside, just like that and so all of a sudden. And then that blue bowl. It has been sitting there for years but how nice. Look at the two basil pots. How nice.   Who would think of trying to strike some Chrysanthemums from old flowers and use a wine-glass?

“It is everything else.”

Give us back our Country

March 14, 2017


IMG_0829The Salvia

It is so heartening hearing that South Australia is now trying to nationalize the Electricity industry. Remember Australia had a Commonwealth Bank, the GIO, the PMG and above all we owned our resources. It was all owned by Australia and its people, us. We were rich. Australia was a country who had it all. The envy of the world.

And then, the ugliness of capitalism reared its head. It started with lowering taxation. Government after government  got in by waxing and manuring greed by promising to lower taxation. The inevitable shortfall of revenue was fixed by  selling everything under the sun. Leases on vast areas of our resources were sold to individuals who started  companies specialising in selling our previously owned coal, iron ore, uranium, silver, gold, oil and much  more to the highest bidders. Enormous profits were distributed to shareholders but not to the people who previously owned it all.

And then after selling off the resources that Australia has almost unlimited ownership off to private individuals, our Government owned bank,  The Commonwealth Bank, was sold off, followed by our own insurance company , The GIO, followed hot on the heels by Post Master General, morphing into the present Telstra. The Government had once again some more  revenue, enough to prop up creaking infrastructures, health, schools, roads, public transport.

But when all that money  went, poverty crept in once again. It became harder and harder to find the money. Increasing revenue through taxation  was electoral suicide. It was easier to allow poverty to creep into the masses. Pensions were cut, social services were cut, queues at hospitals became longer. The divide between the haves and have nots became wider. Educational levels lowered, students are now struggling to get basic language and numeracy skills. Skilled jobs were filled by importing overseas workers and so the list goes on.

The States too, got onto selling stuff. Water was privatised, and electricity. Poles and Wires with both water and electricity prices going through the roof. Shareholders are rubbing their hands in glee. Riches are made but only to the few. The money made out of selling public utilities are only short term solutions. It should never have happened. Australia should have kept control of its country. Why are French companies now running and determining the electricity prices in South Australia? It is crazy.

Is it time to take it back? Nationalise what previously was owned by us, the people. South Australia is on the way of doing that. We should applaud that. Did anyone watch the ABC’s Four Corners program on the state of the US. People earning such low wages, whole families living in tents or single rooms. Kids being fed packets of chips or stale pizzas. All those glittering advertisement, miles of MacDonald’s signs and the insane grinning Colonel Kentucky chickens running amok.  They are now the largest employers of people who get payed so little they are reduced to dismal poverty. They try and smile so heroically; what would you like with your chicken/ hamburger sir, they say while wearing a cap?

Surely proof of terminal capitalism in its death throes.