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The first morning Coffee.

December 12, 2013


The first thing on any morning is our Coffee. We normally buy coffee by the kilo. When the ‘special’ comes along, we buy 4 or more kilos. I know that coffee producing countries pay miserable wages and people often work under slave conditions but us not drinking coffee is not going to make it any better. I must say, I never drink coffee to save the world or help poor people. Far from it, it is one of the most luxurious habits we can engage in without having to worry about a world going to the dogs. (sorry Milo; good boy, good boy!)

In any case, Brazil is booming and likely to outrun the economy of Australia soon. They have enough money to give the world the Olympics. Perhaps, the coffee bean is now mechanically harvested because the price of the coffee seems to be as it was more than ten years ago or even cheaper. What has gone up is the price of a latte or cappuccino in a café. From $1.- to at least $3.50 within 15 years.

I read yesterday about the decision of US owned General Motors to pull the plug on our own Australian Holden car. It is estimated thousands will lose their jobs. The Government is in panic mode. Our national airline Qantas is going broke as well. Someone suggested there ought to be more to life than ‘market forces’ and ‘profits’ above all. We could subsidise Holden car and Qantas by everyone donating about $10.- a week which is the price of two and a half lattes. If it keeps thousands employed it seems a reasonable price to pay.

Yes, turbulent times ahead. I noticed Australia is heading towards having its own tea party but…
with the influx of so many continental Europeans into Australia, I am surprised we don’t have a ‘coffee party’. Surely a tea party is a bit Anglo? Haven’t we moved on since John Howard’s days who was forever seen sipping a cup-o-tea?

How often are people being denigrated as ‘ you are nothing but a latte sipper’, that’s apart from being ‘rusted on’ as well. Rusted on what? Only two years ago, those on the left of politics were accused of being ‘chardonnay drinkers’. It’s odd how a relaxing time with friends sitting around talking and drinking a beverage is still seen by some as, apart from being a communist, engage in ‘sinful, waste of time or very bad’ behaviour. The English House of Lords has a lot to answer for.

It is time for the latte imbibers to unite and start a political party based on the humble coffee bean. The choice of either ‘coffee party’ or indeed the ‘espresso party’ could be worked out at a Balmain Town hall meeting.

The revolution has just started. Carry your flag proudly, march forward!