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A Bird’s own home.

June 8, 2020


The latest attempt at blending my life with as much nature as possible resulted in trying to lure birds to within my own domicile. I thought it reasonable to provide them with a interest-free mortgage on a comfortable abode with monthly instalment paid for in colourful plumage with much squawking.  A period in spring with much cavorting and popping into the nest to lay eggs would be a bonus worthy of an even better nest, but let’s just wait for the first ones to arrive. My patience will surely be rewarded!

At my previous abode ( with the pathologically obsessed tree & garden slasher) there were birds galore with the white cockatoos finally dominating the scene. We had to stop leaving unlimited bird-mix around because the corellas became wise to it and would just hoard the feed all day. The corellas really seemed to like that area and flocks of hundreds would be flying about making unbelievable rackets. Hanging from electric wires, rolling around the parks like drunken sailors all in white uniforms, yellow capped and all. Shameless whoring going on at every corner, you would not want to believe what those corellas are up to.

Fruit trees had to be solidly fences off and netted with steel wire. The use of birds of prey (falcon) The use of a drone for bird-scaring purposes. Electronic bird scaring devices. These are some of the things farmers have to use to save their fruit crops from corella annihilation.


After my eye operation finally went ahead when restriction on elective surgeries were lifted due to the corona virus, I had time to think about attracting birds to my new place. I managed to buy a simple bird box but if I was a bird I would not go near it. There are not too many bird nest specialist builders around. It looked too much like a trap and I felt it needed to be made more welcoming and friendlier looking. Birds are sensitive creatures. The box looked like something out of an isolated dreary far flung suburb where people still adorned the azaleas by surrounding them with worn out car tires. (painted white). Poor azaleas, poor birds.


What do you think of my bird’s box now? Do you think it will entice some birds to come and not only feed but feel comfortable in making a home inside this box.?

I was careful not to show myself for a few days after my eye operation in case they mistook me for a dreaded corella.


Of course, I am not really against corellas, I just don’t want so many to so mercilessly dominate other birds and they do.