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All that wedding ‘Hoopla’

October 30, 2013


By Corinne Grant

October 8, 2013

Strap on the angry, it’s Rage Index time! There’s plenty this week to make you more furious than Scott Morrison discovering that Australia is still a democracy.

Weddings, Parties, Anything

According to Liberal logic, it turns out it’s ‘government waste’ to spend money on stuff like climate science and foreign aid, but it’s perfectly legitimate to spend the public’s money on going to mates’ weddings.

Now we know why the Libs took so long to release any policies during the election campaign. They were so busy knocking back the champers and catching bouquets that by the time the election came around, they had barely enough time to scratch together a few half-arsed slogans.

Frankly, considering how much they love a good party, I don’t understand why they don’t legislate to legalise same sex marriage. Think of all the weddings they could booze on at then.

Sophie Mirabella’s wedding was a taxpayer expense for Abbott, the daughter of one of Gina Rinehart’s business associates was a funded expense for Bishop, Barnaby and Gambaro, and travel to a disgraced shock jock’s wedding for Barnaby (again) and Brandis was also on the public’s tab.

Thank goodness they’ve now paid it all back. Well, they’ve paid back the money we’ve found out about, anyway. We haven’t even got to the christenings, bar mitzvahs and spending time on the Gold Coast with the in-laws yet.

It’s not the rorting that’s the problem. (I don’t think anyone in Australia is at all surprised when a politician is found to be using our money for their own personal enjoyment.) What’s blood-fizzingly infuriating about this turn of events is that the Liberals honestly think they’re entitled to it. They’ve only paid the money back to save themselves the bother of media scrutiny. These toffs actually believe they have a right to line their pockets with our money.

Rage Level: very, very low. At least if Barnaby Joyce is off getting tipsy at some rich dude’s wedding, he’s not sitting at the policy table drawing pictures of stick figures and poking himself in the eye with a spoon.

I Know Nuthink!

It turns out the Liberals have been hard done by. The ever-angry Scott Morrison has now come out and, through gritted teeth, explained to all of us that the Libs never said they’d tow the boats back to Indonesia. I suppose that’s technically correct: they were never going to tow anyone all the way back to shore, they were just going to turn them around, dump them in the middle of international waters and sail away.

That’s what Howard did and it worked just fine. (Well, apart from a few people dying, but hey, why quibble?)

Considering the Liberals have been so grossly misrepresented, I wonder why Morrison didn’t say anything during the election campaign? Seems odd, doesn’t it. I guess all that audio footage of Abbott telling radio hosts that turning back the boats worked in the past and could work again was a figment of our imaginations. Gosh we’re a silly bunch of sausages!

Is anyone going to call the Liberals out? Anyone? Mr Murdoch, are you going to run a ferocious, front page campaign calling the Liberals liars? No? Okay, as you were then.

Rage Level: completely irrelevant. Like we’ll ever know if any boats are turned around anyway. We’re under some sort of weird, hybrid martial law now and Morrison is using the military to hide the fact that the Liberal boat policy is a complete failure so far. The military brass seem only too happy to get involved in politics, so I would expect we’ll never find out the truth.

I suppose someone could get off their arse and start up a senate inquiry. Maybe that nice young man from the Motoring Enthusiasts Party could do it. How different could running an inquiry into the potentially illegal use of the military be to flinging kangaroo poo at your mates?

The ALP is off to lunch and will be back… soon-ish.