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The missing apostrophe with the raw tuna.

February 5, 2021


One of my friends suggested I update my internet devices. For many years I have had the same computer. For some time now it had to ‘warm up’ and during the last few months this warming up would run into minutes by which time I often I had forgotten what I was going to write, or worse, had fallen asleep.  He suggested I get a laptop which he said ‘ you can carry around and even take it on your walk to the local Don Bradman ‘Stump’ cricket café ‘. I would then of course join the rank of those suave looking young people tapping away on laptops while sipping lattes. It would then also finally give me that demeanour of success. 

I have now a new Dell Intel CORE 17 inspiron 15 5000 laptop which I have started to take downstairs as proof it is a portable device.  If the neighbours happen to walk by and look inside my living quarters they might even see me with the device in my lap, truly proving the portable laptop capabilities.  However, as is so often the case with electronic devices, PHD laden and gifted genies are always proving and often on their nightly prowl, to make things shorter, faster and minimal.   The keyboard is very flash with that metallic polished look and a little square down the bottom that is in lieu of a mouse. One has to maneuver a finger around this square to  point the curser at the desired letter or number. The odd thing is that it did not show an apostrophe. The key sign of the apostrophe is there but it doesn’t appear on the screen when pressed.  A truly masterpiece of shorting and minimalizing. 

I told Annette ( my lovely new best friend of my life, and very female!) about this oddity of the keyboard and she too found it baffling. I have discovered though that when you press the apostrophe and then move the curser to its next inevitable step, it, like magic, the apostrophe appears on the screen. So, even though the apostrophe doesn’t appear when pressed first, in will pop up on the screen when you move the key.

One thing that miffed me a bit is that my fish supplier did not have my yellow fin red tuna. I usually have this thinly sliced raw on my week-end plate together with a bit of wasabi and some soya sauce. I bought a large piece of Tasmanian salmon instead. However, after reading about eating raw fish I was rather taken aback when I learned that the raw fish is not without risk and can include lurking microbes and evil creatures that are waiting to inhabit your stomach. I always liked raw fish, not least the salted herring. I was brought up on raw herrings and so far without any ill effects.  (including the dreaded tape worm that can grow up to 15 meters inside the stomach.) The good news is though, that cooking the fish takes away some of the health benefits of eating raw fish. So there you have it. 

Nothing is perfect, cooked or raw fish, it will always be healthier than McDonalds or take-aways.