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Renewables, Wars, and Same Sex Marriage.

September 25, 2017
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Isn’t it amazing that no matter what the science is telling us, there will be people denying the truth that coal fired power is now as outdated as the horse and buggy were in earlier days? The Australian government is beholden to some that just will not budge and will stick to the past, forcing up the cost of energy. They do this with the fervour of an 1810 Leicestershire luddite destroying anything and everything progressive or forward looking in their paths.

Just read this latest from ABC News;

We live in a townhouse sharing a joint roof but are considering going the whole hog and install solar panels with the Tesla battery back-up. The cost of doing that will go down as time passes. My guess is that with power bills reaching stratospheric heights there will be a tsunami of home-owners doing the same. It just doesn’t make any sense not to do this. The energy companies are shunning coal power stations like the plague and no one wants to invest nor spend money on maintaining the old ones except our Government staunchly defending anything that doesn’t move forward.

With a keener more forward Government the renewable technology could be hurried along by local shires to install complete off-grid power stations on vacant land that Australia has so much of, and bring affordable cheap energy to those in units or apartment blocks without roof space for solar panelling.

The transition period between the old and new technology could have been made   easier and economically more efficient if we were not burdened by the Neanderthal fogeys in our present Government. Where do they come from and who puts them there?

It is the same with this referendums on SSM. Some of the same parliamentarians taking great delight in venting their hate and torture on refugees are now venting their rage on those who want the chance for love to stand a chance, and pass laws making choice of marriage equal to all, no matter what orientation. They twist and turn to try and prevent the law from becoming kinder and more just towards those who might be different.

Some of those same Parliamentarians take great pride in the bombing of foreign countries where we have no right to be involved in, and do so without asking permission from its citizens by holding referendums or postal polls. Billions of dollars spend on keeping a few thousands refugees in jail, billions on fighting in stupid wars, and now even more billions in propping up old coal powered technology. Were any of us asked our opinion or approval to do so?

So why the idiocy of holding referendums on SSM in the first place? Is SSM more dangerous than fighting wars or holding refugees in jails. Sorry, to be meandering so long about this SSM subject but rest assured I am just as keen to write about much more positive stuff. I suppose the return of Germany’s Angela Merkel is something to celebrate but…, the extreme right has also done well which is not so positive.

Was our previous PM Paul Keating right, when he predicted Australia could end up a ‘Banana Republic? I need a good carpet bowling session at the local RSL club.


Recovery wish for Schumacher with a Marsh Mellow.

January 2, 2014


We are now packing the solar lit twinkling lights back in their boxes. It will be a year before the sun will light them up once again. Soon the cards will follow suit. All in the box or in the green lidded re-cycling bin. The last of the ham and chicken has been given to Milo. Post Christmas blues are on the radio and soon life will get back to normality. I love normality. Let the gas bill arrive in the mail box together with the usual Evangelical pamphlets to ‘repent and seek the Lord.’ A vain request for many, most seek salvation in Bunnings, Walmart or Aldi.

Soon the first cigarette will be lit up by those having made the resolution to not do so. Those tortured by food will get the first pangs of hunger, so…just a packet of marsh mellows will bring relief. The lure of the pink ones. It brings back sweet memories of the kids around the camp fire toasting them on the end of a stick. What’s wrong with that? We have to be able to receive those crumbs of joy from somewhere, anywhere really. Life is so short, they say.

We hope that the shortness of that life will continue for Schumacher. The world is hanging onto every word coming from teams of Hospital’s doctors. A whole pack of reporters have taken over entire hotels. Every nuance, every word is carefully weighed , rolled around and looked at again emanating from anyone slightly connected to the racing driver , all studied with the precision of a Swiss watch. Dodgy priests are now being scanned for a possible connection to the Neurologie department of the Hospital. Hundreds of cameras are trained on the room that he might be in. The slightest movement, even of the hospital curtain, makes headlines around the world. Angela Merkel has even offered words of comfort to the anxious world hoping for his recovery.

We quickly flick past a news’s item of beheadings of children in far away places peopled by those wearing black beards and medieval fanaticism. It is a difficult world. Just because the world turns over another year, so much seems to stand still. We too hope for the recovery of yet another young boy being King hit on New Years Eve. This was within metres of someone being killed by a King hit earlier in 2012.

Is it little wonder we want a marsh mellow?

When will we ever learn?

Females need not apply in Australia; Try Iran.

September 16, 2013

Afghanistan has more females in Government than Australia.
It is amazing but Australia is now a deep embarrassment to the world. There is just one female on the front bench.

Norway just appointed its second female prime minister. Germany has a female chancellor Angela Merkel. Finland has 86 women in parliament which represents 43% of its 200 members.
Bangladesh has a female PM as has Denmark. Iran’s Vice-President and Head of National Youth Organization Farahnaz Torkestani is a woman.

Ahmadinejad appoints 4th woman to cabinet
Afp, Tehran
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad sacked the head of Iran’s National Youth Organisation yesterday and appointed a woman to the cabinet post, official media reported.
Ahmadinejad removed Mehrdad Bazrpash and named Farahnaz Torkestani as the head of the National Youth Organisation, the official IRNA news agency said.

So, in summing up!

Abbott is either incapable of seeing and recognizing capable women for his cabinet or ‘his women of merit’ women don’t want to have a bar of his present coterie of the sneering beady eyed males burrowing away in Canberra. Either way, it doesn’t speak well for the integrity of our present government led by Abbott.

And cop this too Abbott.