Bali on Monkey forest road.

The Bali experience is unique in that it is the opposite of life on the main street of Bowral, Australia. Here it can be unsettling for those that rely on efficiency and order, a solemnity of routine. After all, motor bike accidents kill more than heart attacks here but death is greeted with respect and with great ceremony of music and dance. We thought to splash out on a resort type of staying instead of themoretradional ‘ homestay’ that we have always preferred in the past. We have a large room with an enormous bed twice as long as it is wide.( not an Abbott in sight). One almost needs a megaphone to converse and I almost asked Helvi: your place or mine?  The bath is Even bigger and as explained before had rose petals covering the top of the water which was heated. (Not an Abbott insight) a video demonstratedthis big bath and we were supposed to emerse ourselves as a honey moon  couple should. Our heads tilted slightly upwards in exstacy or is it estacy? We would be sipping champagne before anything else. The man would then lovingly step out of the bath and lift his lover out making sure all conjugal instruments or symphonic instruments are covered with ( not anAbbott insight) the rose petals clinging sensuously. Sorry, no spaces! I am writing on tablet but the good thing is….. ( not an Abbott insight) PS; Abbott is Australia,s Prime minister who has given money to peoplesmugglers to tow refugees back to Indonesia. Indonesia is teaching Australia about humanitarian issues.

2 Responses to “Bali on Monkey forest road.”

  1. A very important story about my wife's family background Says:

    Yes almost forgot that clandistine payment made on the high seas. That deplorable Nazi like immigration minister tried his best to deny that it even occurred. Shame Australia shame.


  2. shopgirlanonymous Says:

    The Hindus are able to point out our human corruption and misgivings without speaking a word. Love Ubud!


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