Covid and the demise of our democracy sausage…

Here at the above podcast is another point of view and not from a rabid antivaxxer but from a Professor of economics. Her name is Gigi Foster. She claims that the Lockdown and the resulting economic chaos was the result of not properly costing the results of lockdown and was done in a hurry mainly driven by the medical profession and often without any thought of the damage on health and wellbeing for those suffering the effects of having to shut down and isolate for weeks on end. The psychological costs were not evaluated and according to the professor had all the marks of a political aim to control the ‘crowd’.

I will leave it to you to make up your mind but the podcast is well worth listening to. She is certainly very convincing in her argument that all the Covid and associated lockdowns was a form of hysteria.

I am more concerned that as a result of the Covid lockdowns we now have a debt of a trillion dollars. which in numerals is $1,000,000,000,000 dollars. I went around the local voting booth this morning to claim my democracy sausage as I had made a pre-poll vote a couple of weeks ago and they were not handing out sausages as yet. To my total chagrin, they, the government in its wisdom, is now not giving the free sausage with onions and barbeque sauce anymore. It cost me three dollars!

People were milling around with clenched fists totally disappointed. The girl handing out the ‘un’ democratic sausages was almost in tears with having to break the bad news. The government wants to start lowering the debt and isn’t it typical that the working man and his free sausage once every three years is now at the forefront of tackling this huge debt? Never mind the billions spent on US submarines after a breach of contracts with the French? The claim by our finance minister that people were abusing the free sausage by driving from polling booth to polling booth for extra sausages sounded like a desperate man clinging to the wreckage of his government,


Tonight I will watch the results coming in and I hope we will have a change of government by around 8 o’clock.

I bought some frankfurters and a bottle of Shiraz.

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17 Responses to “Covid and the demise of our democracy sausage…”

  1. Yvonne Says:

    I have a mini bottle of prosecco cooling. I hope I need it to celebrate, not to drown my sorrows!

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  2. doesitevenmatter3 Says:

    I hope you got to celebrate with the frankfurters and the Shiraz.
    Let us know what happened.

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  3. shoreacres Says:

    I thought of you this morning when I found our news outlets mentioning your elections. Then, I laughed when I remembered your sausage, and wondered if you’d snagged one (or two). I think your solution was reasonable — buy your own, with a bottle to go with, and enjoy the day — especially as it seems you have gotten the change of governments you wanted.

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  4. Meindert Muller Says:

    Dear Gerard, the victory of Labour, who has been on the news here in the Netherlands already for hours, will undoubtedly make the frankfurters taste better, so that the Shiraz does not have to wash away bad taste. Perhaps the climate, which is likely to receive more and better attention in Australia under the new government, can do blow the winds of change here too; here, where the conservative ‘liberals’ under Rutte have been in power for four terms. Do you have any good advice?

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Yes Meindert, It was a great night.
      As the evening unfolded I found myself giving ovations to every time someone came up with an increasing number of seats turning red away from blue.
      This I celebrated with a solitary shifter of Shiraz.
      The best thing is an improved outlook for Climate change and our indigenous population who were here 40 00 years before us and yet to be recognized in our constitution.

      Finally this Sri Lanka refugee family will be returned home to the Queenstown village where their children were born.

      Far be it for me to suggest or give any advice to the Dutch, but perhaps a Dutch Democracy poffertje might be in order or, if going a bit more upmarket; a herring ( met uitjes)?

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  5. stuartbramhall Says:

    More and more people are waking up to the fact that just because someone challenges the way Covid has been managed and the safety of Covid vaccines doesn’t make them anti-vaxxers.

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Ye, one mustn’t challenge much to get angry reactions. I am not taken so enthusiastically when governments put on restriction on movements and put on curfews. I think it is worthwhile to give critics a hearing as well, always.

      For example; This past government locked up people for years who dared to come here by boats to ask for refugees status. The last government used this as a warning to others not to dare and come here, (and if you do we will deprive you too of your freedom).

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  6. Therese Trouserzoff Says:


    Last night was the brightest in nearly ten years ending Coalition bastardry in every shape and form from doing absolutely nothing to address climate change to abuse of women , refugees, indigenous Australians, older Australians, people with mental and physical health disabilities, people whose homes have been destroyed by fire or flood.

    The list goes on and on – not forgetting the many instances of disgraceful corruption and religious hypocrisy and attempts to disenfranchise people of non-binary gender.

    The outgone Coalition will forever be a stain on Australia’s democratic history.

    But wait – there’s more… a hugely successful campaign by independent candidates has seen so-called Liberal moderates (who have supported climate inaction along with far right nut jobs) wiped out – including possibly the Treasurer Josh Frydenberg – in the bluest of blue ribbon seat Kooyong in the wealthiest suburbs of Melbourne.

    It’s not final, but Frydenberg has conceded that it will be very difficult to hold the seat. He was defeated by paediatrician Dr Monique Ryan who campaigned for climate action. She is joined by six or seven women professionals and 2 sitting members who increased their majorities.

    Labor made one bad mistake in replacing a popular local candidate with a party star who was not accepted in the electorate.

    In summary, it won’t be known whether Labor will have a
    N absolute majority, or will need the support of some of the greens or independents, but the result is a resounding success for people power, for climate action and for increasing the number of women governing our country.

    And it is a powerful rejection of the Trump Lite Scott Morrison. He retained his seat, but the party knives are being sharpened.

    Hallelujah !

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    • Therese Trouserzoff Says:

      I forgot to say I have never had a free democracy sausage, we always pay the local school parents who provide them here. But this year we voted early to avoid the long lines and we didn’t get any at all ! But the much hoped for election result was reward enough 😊

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Yes, a good solid results and with those bright independents nibbling away at the two party system, it will all help to get a better consensus in the future. We shall see.

      The only worry is for Dutton to be an opposition leader. The architect of whipping up of future wars, and anti China rhetoric. Not to forget his cruel stance against refugees.

      I hope Labor will get a majority. We shall wait and see.

      At least parity of income for females and an increase in help for the tsunami of domestic violence victims now with waiting lists of 6 months duration or more to get help is on the cards.

      I wonder if a cancellation of those submarines is a possibility? I mean look at our debt? As Keating said; those 4 submarines are like throwing match sticks against a mountain.

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  7. whaleobserver Says:

    My biggest satisfaction is to see the Shri Lanka refugees returned to Biloela in Queensland. Morrison owes them an apology and Dutton can second the motion.

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