The most unfortunate frog in my kitchen sink.


Just when everything was going so well and feeling unusually happy, I came across a dead frog in my kitchen sink. After getting out of bed, I usually after a run to the toilet,  put on socks. It is the first thing I do, followed by going downstairs to make a cup of tea and start my washing up. I reverted to handwashing dishes despite several people including my daughter, pleading with me to try the dishwasher. I followed their advice only to go back to handwashing as soon as friends and family have shut the door homewards bound. I love handwashing. There is something sensual about the feel of soapy water running through the fingers.

As I was rinsing and somewhat absentmindedly playing around with small plates, forks and little spoons my mind went to some very caring text messages exchanged the previous night with a newly found friend , very female friend. The kitchen sink is the perfect place for the absentminded. The view outside to my garden is glorious and of course, even without a view, to be absent ought always be something to strive for. If only it was a subject of study at schools and universities instead of that mindless football with a malformed oblong ball…together with hollow finance and economics studies. What good has that done to the world?   

Of course, my raison d’etre for being above the sink had finally to be reckoned with and the washing up be finished. I was vaguely aware of something floating about in the water, especially after I drained the sink. To my horror and utter surprise, there was a frog in my sink. A listless frog, a dead frog. I could not believe it. How did it get there?

After questioning a few people including a well know marine biologist, the answer was that the frog most likely had hopped inside my house during the night and clambered up the kitchen cupboard and into the sink, where no doubt, it sheltered between some of the plates and cutlery within a nice and moist environment. It must have felt safe. I always leave the door open for my dog Milo to do his ablutions at night. We are both getting older and into more frequent bouts of needing a toilet. We sometimes run into each other, Milo downwards and me straight across the bedroom to my toilet. Milo has the temerity to push and go first before me.

I felt bad because I filled the sink with hot water and must have burnt and drowned the poor frog. What a horrible thought. The expert marine biologist told me frogs are good climbers and have suction pads on their feet enabling them to even clamber up porcelain toilet bowls, laminated surface.

As a consolation he said my garden must be attracting frogs and that with the copious rains pelting down the last few weeks, must have been provided a good place for this frog. He said; ‘you are providing a good ecology’.

As for my female friend, we met and it is so lovely now. I am so absentminded, floating almost.

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25 Responses to “The most unfortunate frog in my kitchen sink.”

  1. Curt Mekemson Says:

    Steamed frog legs, Gerard. You were half way there. 🙂 –Curt

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  2. auntyuta Says:

    I looked this up in Wikipedia:,approximately%20between%20chicken%20and%20fish.

    Gerard, be warned, you might not like to read all this! How did you discard of the frog?

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Yes Uta, the best frogs I have eaten was at a newly opened Chinese restaurant in Market town, Sydney, many years ago. It was named Choy’s Inn run by an Architect, named Dominique Choy. I buried the frog in the garden underneath one of the birches.

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  3. doesitevenmatter3 Says:

    YAY on the female friend! 🙂 I’m so happy for you both!!! ❤
    Gerard, you are floating and you sound so hoppy…er…I meant to say happy! 😉
    Speaking of hoppy….AW on the poor little froggy. 😦 Did you give him a proper burial?!
    Those little guys are good for the garden. 🐸
    HA on you and Milo competing to get to the places to do your night toilet needs. 😀
    We have dishwasher, but I like doing dishes by hand…I like playing in the soapy water. 😛
    Bestest wishes in the New Year!!! 🙂
    HUGS!!! to you!!!
    PATS and RUBS!!! to Milo!!!

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Yes, there cannot be anything more surprising than to wake up , do the dishes and then find a dead frog in the sink. In my befuddled (and smitten) mind it took a while to sink in.

      I thought first a bird, like a falcon or bird of prey must have dropped it in. But, after a few phone calls and some thinking it could only have been that the frog found its way in and climbed into the sink. There was plenty of water dishing in the garden though!
      It is certainly food for deep thought.

      Yes, the toeing and froing during the toilet breaks at night can get a bit hectic. Milo is now ruling my house.
      I love doing the dishes, especially with thoughts of my new love swirling around. Who would have thought? She is so nice and affectionate.

      Best wishes for The New Year for you too with lots of hugs, with rubs for Cooper.

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      • doesitevenmatter3 Says:

        We’ve had frogs and toad on our front porch and backyard, but they never ventured in the house. 🙂

        Ha! King Milo! 😉 😀 Why am I laughing? Cooper is King here! 😉 😛

        Oh, I’m joy-teary-eyed thinking about you and your new love! 🙂

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      • auntyuta Says:

        “Oh, I’m joy-teary-eyed thinking about you and your new love! 🙂” Me, Uta, too!! 🙂

        Oh, why am I not as young and fit as your new love?

        Gerard, you could be my ‘little’ brother, though.
        I have a brother in Berlin. He was born on the 28th of October 1941. I always did take good care of him, when he was little, that is. Now his second very much younger wife takes good care of him! And on top of it, he is good friends with his first wife, for they have one daughtertogether, who does have one son —

        This brother had a vasectomy. But that was a few years before he separated from his first wife. When the wall came down in Berlin in 1989 he met a woman from the GDR, who had two sons and was willing to separate from her husband in order to be with my brother! So, the boys ended up with two loving fathers. Both boys became very good grown-ups with lovely wives and kids! 🙂

        Sorry, I got carried away here with my family stories.
        It is just that at this time I do miss my brother. (My other brother died in Berlin just a few months ago, aged close to 82).

        Am I glad, that I am in Australia and not in Berlin? Yes, I must say I am. It is still a bummer, that visits to Berlin are out of the question right now. Maybe, I’ll never be able to visit Berlin again! But I hope to be able to visit my son Martin soon in Benalla, Victoria. 🙂

        Best wishes for the New Year, dear Gerard. 🙂

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      • gerard oosterman Says:

        Yes, Carolyn.
        The frog was almost a vanishing animal and like the bee were seen as vital for the ecology. I suppose the frog keeps mozzies and flies at bay while the bee spreads pollen and seeds the worlds flora and makes for the continuation of life.

        I sometimes, especially in spring, hear the melancholic and very loud cry of a beckoning of the Bull frog. He wants a female mate and hopes that his cry is more beautiful than the other bullfrogs. I always feel a bit sorry for the male frog. He does so his best.

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      • gerard oosterman Says:

        Your little brother is only one year older than me. Helvi was older than me. Nice that he still gets on with his first wife. Hate never works, love does. I have never had two wives and was happy with one. Good that those boys have now two fathers

        Yes, my vasectomy was still in its infancy back then. Now I read that men are actually queueing up to have it done much to the delights of women. It’s about time man took the responsibility for that.

        Of course, at my age now, I did worry a bit about the area of love were man needs to function appropriately in order to perform!

        I needed not worry at all and was over the moon to be put at rest in that area. Oh, how lovely she is.

        Yes, Uta, family is important and I am so happy to know you have children, grand children and great grand children.

        Best wishes for the New Year, Uta.
        I’ll be watching ‘dinner for two’ again on SBS.

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  4. Therese Trouserzoff Says:

    When the Emmlets were little I made a frog pond in our backyard at Concord. Across the road, the golf links had a huge dam and it was only a matter of time before we had frogs and tadpoles too.

    When I moved to Inner West Cyberia I brought some tads and made Tim the Cabin Boy another frog pond. This has been producing frogs for 14 years so far. Limnodynastes peroni or the spotted marsh frog aka popplebonk for the sound it makes. The frogs eat some insects and snails are a thing of the past at Cambria.

    Congratulations to you and your lady friend.

    And all the best for the New Year to you and everyone who shares the Oosterman treats.

    Therese Trouserzoff.

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Thanks Trouserzoff,
      I expect more frogs to pop around now that the garden is really taking off, and with all that rain.

      This morning we had three minutes of sunshine but now the grey sky has blanketed the sky again.

      Back on the farm we had a pool that was regularly chlorinated. Of course, frogs would be unaware and jump in. Each morning I would rescue those that had jumped in during the night. Just one of those chores really, just rescuing frogs, that’s all.

      Yes, my lady friend and I just had a bit of a scare. She had shopped at a covid cluster shopping center, and both had no option but to get tested. All good though, my lovely Annette is clear and I am waiting for my result today in a pitiful state of self isolation. Not really though, I am very happy!

      All the best for the New Year to you, FM and family too.


  5. petspeopleandlife Says:

    Yep, that frog is very dead. Stuff happens. I am glad you have a new lady friend. I so hope all goes well for you- be in platonic or romantic and that you will continue to be happy with no heart break involved. Stay well and healthy. I believe Australia is faring much better than the USA- COVID wise. Many hospitals in the states are in dire straights now with not enough equipment and staff that are bone weary.

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Yes, Ivonne. Australia is doing well and one reason is a very strict regime of dealing whenever Covid raises its ugly head. And a compliant citizenship with lock downs between cities, states and territories whenever it is needed. Incoming travelers must isolate in an hotel for two weeks under police guard.
      Each day the new numbers are broadcast on TV and radio. Most mornings there might be 8 or 10 new cases, most are incoming travelers from overseas.
      My lady friend is more than platonic last time we were together. She is lovely and straight.


  6. shoreacres Says:

    Oh, my. I’m accustomed to lizards making their way in, but I’ve never found a frog. In fact, I’ve only seen one frog in my neighborhood, although I sometimes hear them in springtime. Gigging for frogs is quite a pastime in the country; people roam shallow creeks and bayous with trident-looking thingies and bring home burlap bags full of frogs ready to be turned into dinner. Well, maybe the frogs aren’t so ready, but the people are.

    I like hand-washing dishes, too. I do use my dishwasher, but as a rack for drying the dishes. There’s another good use for a dishwasher, too. When I’m evacuating for a hurricane, I’ll fill it with things like cut glass bowls, and then shut it up tight. It’s probably the most secure place in the house. Even after tornado strikes, dishwashers usually come through intact.

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Yes, I tried my best to give the dishwasher a run for its money but I find it not a pleasurable thing to pack with dirty dished and then to unpack afterwards. It doesn’t leave room for any dreaming.
      My friend, Annette is of the same opinion, (no wonder we get on so well.) She uses her dishwasher for storage too.

      Glad we don’t get many hurricanes here. And when we do get them they are often in very isolated areas.

      An amusing aside; at one stage I had mouse droppings inside the bottom kitchen cupboard. The mice feasted on my oil and spice bottles labels. They chewed them from the glass! It turned out that the water inlet for the dishwasher had a gap large enough for mice to clamber through to get at those spice bottles. I plugged the gap and no more mice.

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  7. Forestwood Says:

    Hey Gerard. We have loads of frogs in the back yard that we have to protect from the inquisitive family pet dogs. They squark if the dogs get too close. Sorry yours died but as they are a good indicator of environmental health, the biologist is right of course. Your garden is great ecologically speaking.
    Glad to hear that you are venturing out with a new acquaintance too. All the best on that front. You sound happy.

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Yes, you are right; frogs need protection. Milo is not interested in chasing frogs. He now has reached an age where sleeping seems to be his most favorite pastime, and of course eating his treats.
      His appetite hasn’t slowed down at all.
      Yes, I am happy with my new female friend.

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  8. rangewriter Says:

    What a funny tale, Gerard! I can picture it all so well, you there, staring absent-mindedly out the window into your garden with visions of your new interest dancing before your eyes when a wet froggy slips through your sudsy fingers! Wowza! I hope you’ll enjoy many more frog encounters —outside in the yard where they belong.


    • gerard oosterman Says:

      You are right, washing up dishes do rekindle thoughts of my new love which I thought had gone dormant permanently. It has reared its head and so sweet it is.
      I felt bad about the little frog and gave it a burial underneath one of my sapling birch trees.


  9. doesitevenmatter3 Says:

    Happy New Year, Gerard!
    🥳 🎆 🥂 🎇 🙂 🎉


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