Milo’s Debut at Sydney’s Opera House (Radio Ga Ga)

Milo’s fame has reached a new level when last Sunday he fulfilled a life-long held dream, conducting an entre cast of the Sydney symphony orchestra, directing Freddy Mercury’s Queen’s most favourite Radio Ga Ga opera

The day prior to Milo’s performance I drove him, well packed in soft bedding, and  provided with fresh chicken necks, to a friend’s place in Manly. He was so excited. Who would have thought that at his age he would be with ten’s of thousands of admirers on stage at the world famous Opera House. And I thought, as his master, I was doing well with my knitting venture! I am now on my fourth scarf and casting off now a mere bagatelle. Thank you all those who showed me how to do it at the Stumps Cricket Café here in the Mecca of cricket, the hallowed Bradman oval!

I could so easily have gone through life as an man who never casted off. But, let me not take the shine off Milo now. It was a huge success and afterwards we rewarded him with a generous plate of Fish & Chips alongside the walkway next to the Opera House on the way back to the ferry.

Here is Milo, looking triumphantly back to his Opera house. It was his day.

IMG_1236 Milo

21 Responses to “Milo’s Debut at Sydney’s Opera House (Radio Ga Ga)”

  1. whaleobserver Says:

    What a dog. When is his next appearance. Will fly/drive to Sydney to see the maestro.

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  2. leggypeggy Says:

    Yay, Milo!

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  3. Therese Trouserzoff Says:

    Bravo Milo, Bravo !

    There’s a back story going begging here, Gez 😊

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  4. Curt Mekemson Says:

    Milo the Maestro! Go Milo. Gerard the knitter. Go Gerard! 🙂 –Curt

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  5. doesitevenmatter3 Says:

    YAY and Bravo, Milo! We are not surprised! You are a wonder dog, who is wonderful! 🙂 You should have many more days like that…you deserve them! 🙂

    Your 4th scarf!!!! YAY and Bravo, Gerard! 🙂 We are so proud of you! 🙂 Did you get some fish and chips, too!?!?

    If Milo has another appearance, please let us know so we can be there to cheer him and applaud him! 😉
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS…I still miss Mr. Freddie Mercury. His music, life, etc….so important to the world…so important in my life.

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Yes, Carolyn. I did get Fish & Chips too but sea-gulls are always on the look-out to snatch food from tables. You should have seen Milo though, He chased them away so heroically. The waiters supply the patrons with water pistols to keep the gulls away.

      The Opera House guards are also striding up and down to chase the sea gulls away. They should employ Jack Russell !

      Yes, Freddy Mercury was an icon and a genius. His music hasn’t dated and that is always proof of creativity when it survives time.

      I have another challenge ahead, and that is to stop my evening glasses of wine. At the age I am in I feel that a cup-o- tea might become a better option.

      I’ll think about it.

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  6. petspeopleandlife Says:

    Would you ever have believed that someday knitting would be one of your pastimes or hobbies? Actually, I think it is rather a fine activity to knit your way through part of the day.

    As for Milo, well he is some kind of dog and a very fine one too. I imagine that he garners some admirers where ever he goes and serves as an ice breaker as a start to converse with new folks.

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  7. gerard oosterman Says:

    Yes, you are so right Ivonne. Knitting I find soothing and at the same time leaving the mind open to roam, wander and wonder as well.
    I do it watching the garden and my stitches, with Milo sitting at my feet in a comfortable basket.
    He always gets a conversation going with other people and their dogs.
    Whenever there are moments when feeling a bit at a loss or lonely, I knit and soon the mood gets positive again and forward looking.

    If only Trump would have knitted, the world would be a better place.


  8. shoreacres Says:

    I’m glad that your knitting has opened your mind and soothed your spirit, Gerard.I don’t know why I suddenly started thinking about Madame Thérèse Defarge tonight. You’re certainly not anything like her! Maybe it’s only that I’ve seen so many people over the past few years take on the very qualities they profess to hate — just like she did. I’m going to have to pull out A Tale of Two Cities and read it again. It might be more relevant to our time than I’ve remembered.

    I can’t quite figure out what you and Milo were up to in Sydney, but it sounds like great fun. Anything that involves fish and chips would be right up my alley, and I’m sure Milo appreciated it. There’s no question he’s a special dog, and more than able to take on any challenge!

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  9. gerard oosterman Says:

    She certainly knitted with a fury, from what I remember out of that tale. What interests me is that from a single stitch of knitting can grow a limitless sized garment if one continues repeating this single stitch.

    As for Milo on the ferry. Public transport is vague on the rule letting pets on them. It seems that ferries are alright and pets are allowed, however, trains and busses are not so clear. The Department of transport states that permission has to be asked from the people driving the train or buses.

    A strange rule seeing that train drivers in modern trains are not easily accessible to passengers. Do you knock on the train drivers front window with a stick seeing they are so high up, standing between the rails?

    It seems very vague. It is surprising because people now have pet as never before.


  10. rangewriter Says:

    That Milo. He really gets around.


  11. Dani Says:

    What a precious pup! And love that you’re knitting and finding such release in/through it.


  12. gerard oosterman Says:

    Yes DANI, Knitting is a new found activity. It is always amazing how a single stitch can become a row if persevered and repeated with. Repeating the row then becomes a cloth or garment. I love scarfs and in different colours. It ought to be a compulsory subject in schools. One thing my Milo can’t do is knit.


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