Are Human Rights abuses now not just the domain of China?


Despite what is happening in the US regarding Trump and his reluctance to admit defeat, most Americans will defend their highly held and special form of ‘Democracy’ . It is the last resort of desperation by many to cling onto the wreckage of the former glory of the once Great America.ย  It was Trumps rally ‘to make America Great Again’ that gave him the presidency four years ago. And what a four years of Trump Democracy that turned out to be, Hallelujah. To reiterate, we have at least our Democracy, is now the refrain oft heard from the US. It is starting to sound so jaded and some people look askance when they say that.

When the rapid advance of China is mentioned with the staggering economic growth whereby millions of their citizens have been pulled out of poverty in just a few decades, one often hears, ‘yes but they don’t have a Democracy like we have’.ย  They, in China, jail hundreds of thousands of their own citizens, and what are they doing to their Uighurs, Kazakhs, Kyrgyz Muslims? Reportedly 80.000 are now ‘re-educated in forced labour camps. Yes, that might well be true but how free is the US of crimes against humanity?

The US’ love of guns is killing 40 000 annually. And nothing gets done about that. It is part of this love of ‘freedom and Democracy’. Let’s not forget that America also has the highest rates of incarcerations (jailing people) in the world, well above that of China! And then the issue of ‘black lives matter’ an issue that has also been going for decades in Australia. And now an inquiry of possible war crimes committed by our Australian soldiers in Afghanistan. Our Prime Minister has offered an apology of the mere possibility of that to the Afghan Government.

In any case, I believe we should try and look into our own necks of the woods before blindly repeating that our ‘democracy’ somehow leaves us of the hook for committing human right abuses. It is not a cure or excuse.

19 Responses to “Are Human Rights abuses now not just the domain of China?”

  1. Julia Lund Says:

    I love your passion for justice and compassion, and your abhorrence of the opposite. The world’s conscience depends on your voice joining with the countless others who share your convictions.


  2. stuartbramhall Says:

    Excellent essay. Well done.


  3. petspeopleandlife Says:

    I would like to rant and rave here but I just don’t have the mental energy to write about how bad things are in the states. El Trumpo is currently working as hard as humanly possible to overturn the voter count in Wayne county, Michigan which is 80% black. He is inviting repub law makers and election officials to the WH on Friday.

    I told my daughter not to be so jubilant about Biden wining because El Trumpo was going to probably pull every trick possible out of the his hind pocket in order to claim fraud in enough states so that he will be proclaimed the winner. My daughter told me I was putting a damper on her happiness and I said, “you just wait and see.” And sure enough here we are with the crazies coming out and voicing their belief in election fraud and of course it was all begun and stoked by the wizard himself who continues to yell from the roof tops.

    I seriously would love to move to Canada but I am too old and Canada does not want anyone old and wants only people that can contribute to the economy or the arts in an exceptional manner. There is always Mexico but one might be killed there by hoodlums.

    All I can say is you should be very glad that you do not live in Australia. Things are only going to become worse here since our democracy is now very threatened with no end in sight.

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Well, Trump is not too successful fighting the election outcome. So far all his court cases objecting to the voting results have been thrown out. He must be sobbing with rage.

      I hope Biden can straighten things out and put some normality back.
      Australia is engulfed with war crimes committed at the behest of the US. Our military chiefs follow orders from the US as much as giving them. All those wars fought in the Middle East and what has actually been achieved? Just on the news now, bombs exploding in Kabul and school girls running for their lives!

      If our leaders considered the human toll, they did little to mitigate it.

      Our military leaders ordered junior soldiers to shoot captives in order to learn to get used to, ‘blooding’. A ritual to chalk up a ‘first’ kill.

      Australia ought to look towards China as an ally and cast loose the rope to the US.

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      • petspeopleandlife Says:

        I think you haves a valid point in cutting ties with the US. Under Trump things went south quickly. I have read a bit about the war crimes and is very sad and unsettling. Trump wants to pull out half of the troops now and that is going to allow the Taliban to get a foothold again. His poor leadership has been the absolute pits as he continues to wreck havoc.


  4. doesitevenmatter3 Says:

    Right on, Gerard!
    How are you and Milo doing today?
    (((HUGS))), PATS, and RUBS!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  5. rangewriter Says:

    As an American, I couldn’t have said it better, Gerard. I hang my head in shame. Actually, I was pretty ashamed of us before the Trump machine rolled over the country. He is a symptom, not a cause.

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Same here, Linda.
      Todays news is either about Covid or war crimes usually followed by a guessing competition called, ‘Mastermind.’

      On my way to shops I now see the appearance of discarded facemasks littering the footpaths.
      36 alleged war crimes have been committed by Australia. Our blind allegiance to the Us has not had any benefits.

      I can still remember the good old US giving aid to Europe after the war. It was The Marshall Plan. That’s when the US was Great.

      Of course it also brought Coca Cola and MacDonald’s followed by endless wars.

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      • rangewriter Says:

        I so agree. The last time America was truly a great nation, leading the way to greatness, was AFTER WWII, when we implemented the Marshall Plan to restore the war-torn European countries, an attempt to right what had been the political/economic mistakes in the wake of WWI.

        We have declined in so many ways since that time. I’m horrified by the greediness and insensitivity of the common person. That goes beyond the depravity of corporate greed and political maneuvering that bolsters autocratic governments around the world, ultimately backfiring and hurting everyone. It is a little like watching a Rhodes Scholar slip into alcoholism and drug abuse, ultimately landing on a street corner with a tin cup in hand.


      • gerard oosterman Says:

        Just now reading a super spreader of the Corona Virus is now likely to occur in the US. In Manhattan temporary freezer morgues are lining the streets and in El Paso, Texas, the National guards has been called in to help cope with bodies lining the streets.

        All this was Trumps choice not to interfere with (terminal) capitalism which as we know in most cases leads to more poverty and even less freedom.

        Here in Australia war medals and trophies are under threat of being taken away from ex soldiers who are found to have committed war crimes.

        But, one good thing is that Australia has managed to keep the corona away and no new cases have been discovered except in those of returning travellers.

        Yes, Rhodes’ head has fallen into disgrace and not before time, and I don’t know if I would be proud of being associated with that name. Happy to be an autodidact scholar.


  6. Curt Mekemson Says:

    A lot of work needs to be done, no doubt about that, Gerard. The Republican Party needed some serious revamping before Trump and now it is worse. โ€“Curt


    • gerard oosterman Says:

      There are too many killings and incarcerations and not enough to make the society a better and fairer place.
      The old story; The rich get richer and the poor poorer.
      Still, I hope the world will get better. The good news is that a vaccine is now being available perhaps as as early as December.


      • Curt Mekemson Says:

        We can never afford to give up, Gerard. And you certainly haven’t. For all of its insanity, democracy is still working in America. We were able to elect a black man as President. Joe Biden and Kamela Harris will take the oath of office in January. America will rejoin the world community. A top flight team of experts and committed individuals are being recruited to run this nation. Democracy has been tried in this nation more than at any time since the Civil War. It may have brought us Trump, but it also enabled us to get rid of him. โ€“Curt


  7. David Gascoigne Says:

    Trump (inexplicably to me) has become a cult like figure in the US, rivalling anything the world has produced. The system vaunted as the world’s most perfect democracy is clearly not, nor ever has been. It was always incredible that American politicians raved about American exceptionalism when Jim Crow was the sword of Damocles under which so many of its citizens lived. America is clearly a country on the edge of rapid decay.


  8. Colorado Martini Says:

    The picture of the frog is so cute.


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